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Kong Enterprise is a service connectivity platform that provides technology teams at multi-cloud and hybrid organizations the “architectural freedom” to build APIs and services anywhere. Kong’s service connectivity platform provides a flexible, technology-agnostic platform that supports any cloud, platform, protocol and architecture. Kong Enterprise supports the full lifecycle of service management, enabling users to easily design, test, secure, deploy, monitor, monetize and version their APIs. Over 250 enterprises trust Kong Enterprise to reduce time to market by bringing applications and services to market faster, as well as increase infrastructure ROI by maximizing resource efficiency through improved automation and reduced overhead.

Decentralize Applications and Services - Break down monoliths into services or build new applications with distributed architectures to accelerate your journey to microservices and service mesh.

Secure and Govern APIs and Services - Gain visibility across all your services and empower your application teams to provide consistent security, governance, and compliance across APIs and services.

Create a Developer Platform - Fuel your innovation engine by providing an internal developer platform built for distributed architectures. Featuring end-to-end automation, streamlined developer onboarding, and native integrations with Docker containers, enable your teams to rapidly design, publish and consume APIs and services. Use your external Developer Portal to fuel consumption of APIs by third-party developers, build an ecosystem and drive revenue.


Kong Enterprise 2.2

Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine - Enterprise)

Kong for Kubernetes 1.1

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise)