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Mirantis and Netronome are collaborating to increase performance and lower TCO for OpenStack-based server infrastructures. Netronome’s Agilio intelligent server networking platform, featuring Agilio CX 10/25/40GbE SmartNICs and software, uses hardware offload to accelerate critical networking functions like virtual switching, virtual routing, and Linux Conntrack firewall features for zero-trust security in compute servers. The joint pioneering work promises to provide the industry with new OpenStack networking capabilities that will enable rapid SDN deployments, delivering significantly higher networking performance and increases in server efficiency.

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Agilio OvS

Netronome Agilio OvS integrates OpenStack with Agilio network adapters on compute hosts.

This solution adds support for Agilio OvS to the OpenStack OvS Mechanism driver, OpenStack Nova and OpenStack Neutron.

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