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Tigera is the inventor and maintainer of Project Calico, the de facto standard for enterprise Kubernetes networking and network policy (network segmentation within the cluster). Project Calico is shipped “batteries included” with Docker Enterprise at no additional cost to Mirantis customers.

Tigera also offers Calico Enterprise; software built on Project Calico that enables multiple teams to collaborate and operationalize a Kubernetes deployment from pilot to production phases.

Many Kubernetes projects become blocked due to

Enterprise integration requirements

Difficulty troubleshooting

Lack of fine-grained access controls in Kubernetes (e.g. pod to external database)

Implementation of basic and advanced security controls (environment segregation, internal & regulatory compliance requirements, alignment with security architecture and workflow)

Calico Enterprise provides enterprise solutions for these challenges, built on the open-source software your teams use and prefer.

In addition to Calico Enterprise, Tigera also offers Calico Essentials, a subscription that leverages Tigera’s expertise as an extension to your team. Most teams that are early adopters of Kubernetes do not have the skillset or experience to design and operate their clusters for scale; which can lead to problems, expensive rework, and hesitation from other teams to engage. Calico Essentials is 100% open source software combined with a named technical account manager, training, design workshops, and technical support.

For a free trial of Calico Enterprise visit:

For more information and an overview of the training and workshops available with Calico Essentials, visit to request a meeting, where we will help craft the right plan and outcomes for you.