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Accelerating Application Delivery and Operations in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is complicated. But time and skills are limited, and software developers don’t really want to do DevOps, container-oriented build automation, and be on-call. How can you speed software development, keep the focus on applications (not Ops), and also make their lives easier? How can you get your software engineers to where they can just push their code, and everything just works?

In this webinar, join Daniel Virassamy for a discussion of open-source-based products and associated managed services that solve for speed, software quality, and developer/operator experience in Kubernetes environments. You’ll learn about Devops-as-a-Service solutions that combine platform engineering, SRE, and application automation expertise, plus opinionated open source pipeline solutions that can harden and extend any Kubernetes for production, and have your teams shipping fully-modern applications using state-of-the-art DevOps/DevSecOps best practices within just four weeks. And you’ll learn about new frameworks, open source software adjuncts and hosted services that reduce cranky, complicated, risk-prone native Kubernetes development into “just push your code,” without locking your teams into heavy, perhaps proprietary PaaS.