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Cilium on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine: Use-Cases and Implementation

Kubernetes networking is an evolving discipline with a wide range of varying requirements and approaches. That’s why the Container Networking Interface (CNI), an open source project hosted by the CNCF, defines specifications for networking plugins. Since networking plugins operate in a standardized way, teams can choose the CNI solution that suits their requirements.

Mirantis and Isovalent have worked together to provide integration between Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Cilium, an industry-leading open source CNI solution utilized by AWS, Google, GitLab, Bell, and many others. 

In this whitepaper, explore use-cases for Cilium on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, as well as important considerations and instructions for implementation. You’ll learn:

How Cilium uses extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) for responsive load balancing, fine-grained observability, and L7 security and monitoring

Use-cases for Cilium and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine integration, including secure network connectivity between container and legacy workloads

How to install Cilium on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, and what you should consider when choosing a CNI solution