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Eliminate Kubernetes friction with k0s: a simple, solid, and certified open source distribution

k0s (pronounced kay-zeroes) is a 100% open source Kubernetes distribution that is lightweight, CNCF-conformant, and has zero dependencies other than basic Linux kernel features. It runs smoothly anywhere, even on the most resource-constrained edge computing devices. Read this whitepaper to find out the origin of k0s, the use cases it serves, and how it frees up time for developers and sysadmins by greatly simplifying Kubernetes installation and maintenance.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

How k0s eliminates host OS dependencies by statically compiling vanilla upstream Kubernetes and underlying tooling into a single binary

The rigorous testing that k0s undergoes for CNCF conformance, security, scalability, and other criteria

Which operational tooling k0s includes to provide instant high availability, automated zero downtime upgrades, and simplified application deployment

How k0s is used for edge computing / IoT, local development environments, and application distribution