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How to become your own Cloud Service Provider (and why you should)

Every business is a software business, which means that your success depends on your developers` ability to get their job done. To do that, they need a rich environment of resources and services, and right now there`s a good chance that they`re paying for them in the public cloud (with your money). 

There are a number of reasons you`d be better off if you could control and provide those services in a way that is unique to your needs. This boils down to providing a means of accessing a diverse set of services. This whitepaper will help you understand the reasons why you should consider becoming your own Cloud Service Provider, as well as giving you a basic understanding of the process. You`ll learn about:

  • Business considerations to take into account when deciding to become your own CSP

  • An overview of the process of implementing your own cloud environment, as well as architectural decisions you will need to make

  • How becoming your own CSP improves cost containment

  • Security considerations to help keep your data and resources safe

  • How to encourage the use of your cloud internally to get the best return on your investment

After reading this whitepaper, you will have enough of a grounding in the topic to decide whether to embark on this cloud journey, and how to make informed decisions if you do.