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How to stop your Kubernetes costs from spinning out of control

“Runaway spending” is typical with enterprise Kubernetes adoption. Companies are using more Kubernetes, but few have cost monitoring in place… which is ideal for no one.

Who’s going to pay for all your clusters? How can you fairly allocate costs between different tenants, when resource utilization varies so much? And where are resources just sitting idle?

It feels like you’re just wasting your budget on this, but there’s no clear path forward.

We’re the Kubernetes experts, and we’ve seen these problems before. Luckily, we know what to do about them. Join experts from Mirantis and KubeCost, who will share their experiences in managing Kubernetes spend for organizations with varying levels of Kubernetes maturity.

Join us to learn how to save money! We’re teaching you best practices for improving budgeting decisions and minimizing overspend. We show you, step by step, how to implement Kubernetes cost monitoring, optimization and chargeback. We’ll cover:

Types of Kubernetes costs

Things to consider when building your cost monitoring and chargeback strategy

Lessons learned from implementing cost monitoring and chargeback in enterprise deployments



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