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How to use Mirantis Container Runtime on Windows Server with Azure

With Microsoft’s May 2023 Windows Server updates, users will need a way to run a fully-featured Docker interface—with enterprise support and up-to-date patches against vulnerabilities.

Developers depend on Docker for container development—and that means you need a fully Docker-compatible container runtime. But many cloud native environments only offer bare-bones runtimes without developer tooling. Worse, those basic offerings lack enterprise-grade encryption suitable for organizations in government, finance, defense, and other highly-regulated industries.

Mirantis Container Runtime provides a Windows-native Docker interface—and security for the most mission-critical workloads. Better yet, Windows Server users can deploy from Azure Marketplace with only a few clicks. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to run and use Mirantis Container Runtime across multiple versions of Windows Server with Azure. Then we’ll walk you through the core features that make life easier for developers and security teams alike, including:

The familiar Docker interface

Enforcement for image signing

OCI certification and CRI-conformance (via the cri-dockerd shim) for use with Kubernetes and Swarm

NIST-validated cryptographic module