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k0smotron Datasheet

Centralize and simplify lifecycle management for your entire Kubernetes fleet with open source k0smotron.

k0smotron is a Kubernetes control plane manager that streamlines Kubernetes cluster management through a resource-efficient `Kubernetes within Kubernetes` approach. It’s perfect for organizations with diverse development teams needing their own specialized clusters, as well as for smaller footprint edge computing, branch offices, IoT, and other use cases.

Download our datasheet to learn about:

The mechanics of our Kubernetes within Kubernetes approach

How k0smotron truly isolates worker planes from the management cluster

How k0smotron enables rapid large-scale provisioning of Kubernetes with standardized configurations

And so much more!

Download the datasheet today and find out how k0smotron can consolidate management of all your Kubernetes control planes, not matter where your worker nodes live.