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Lens Control Center Solution Brief

With over one million users, Lens Desktop is the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE – transforming interactions with Kubernetes and making developers 20+% more productive. Lens Pro adds even more functionality for teams and organizations adopting Lens: sophisticated collaboration and resource-sharing with Lens Teamwork, new security scanning capabilities with Lens Security Center, Lens Desktop Kubernetes for local development and testing, plus live support from Team Lens.

Lens Control Center is an administrative tool that makes it simple for organizations to use Lens Desktop/Lens Pro at scale. In this solution brief, explore how you can use Lens Control Center to seamlessly integrate with corporate identity systems and effectively manage access to Lens Pro features – eliminating work, controlling costs, and speeding developer onboarding, while curbing security risks and aligning with your organizational policies and regulatory requirements.

Download to discover how Lens Control Center helps you:

Streamline administration of Lens Desktop and Lens Pro at scale

Leverage new Lens Control Center SSO options, so that your central IAM system remains a single source of truth for identity and access

Simplify user onboarding (and offboarding)

Create and manage custom user experiences by role, aligning with organizational policies

Download the Lens Control Center Solution Brief now to learn how you can centralize control, eliminate risks, and ensure your teams have the Lens advantages they need to be productive.