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Migrating Applications to Open Source Cloud

Failed digital and cloud transformation projects litter the enterprise landscape. And the reason why even many of the successful projects produce—at best—lackluster ROI is that coherent plans for modernizing legacy applications are lacking, and/or resources for application migration are insufficient to the tasks at hand.

In this webinar, join us for a discussion about why application modernization and migration are essential to cloud ROI, including:

How VM-oriented (IaaS) and container-oriented (Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.) clouds can be made migration-friendly to decrease both cost and risk in the transition

How partner-provided service options can enable organizations to efficiently assess current application requirements, then modernize and migrate apps at industrial scales, with predictable timelines, preventing unexpected costs and other surprises

Concrete examples of why a well-conducted modernization/migration effort can be an essential foundation for future modern application development by your organization

Don't be one of those failed projects on the beach of digital transformation!