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Protect your Critical Infrastructure and Business Applications using Cloud Native Data Mobility


Keeping your business running when critical applications fail is crucial, particularly in times of peak business activity.  Such critical failures include not only data center loss through physical destruction, but also lesser “disasters” such as network failure or ransomware attacks, to name two common examples. In particular you need the ability to recover quickly, and with as little data loss as possible.

And then there`s the fact that business needs change. Organizations merge and need a common platform afterwards. A key need that arises is the ability to change the underlying platform on which a company’s applications depend. An infrastructure that depends little on the idiosyncrasies of its underlying platform turns out to be indispensable.

This Solution Brief will Discuss

  • Data Protection as a feature supported by Cloud Native Architecture

  • Application-centric data backup and restore

  • Managing Multiple Clusters through a single pane of glass, including backup sites.

  • A single point of support for customer cluster maintenance

  • Migrating Applications between Cloud Native platform providers

  • Minimizing feasible Recovery Time Objective using Continuous Restore