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State of Virtualization and Container Usage

Cloud computing has taken over the industry with containerization and virtualization. But what is their actual state of adoption? What are the trends of virtualization & container usage in the "real world"?

Mirantis conducted a survey in September 2021, resulting in 667 participants being asked 23 questions aimed at providing more insight into how their infrastructure is run and managed. The participants included IT professionals running infrastructure on Public Cloud, On- Prem Virtualized, Private Cloud, Hybrid and/or Multi-Cloud platforms. The diversity of platforms allows us to gain an understanding of platform specific trends in terms of types of workloads, the challenges faced, user interest in migrating to a Virtualization platform, and what is needed to meet business needs.

Download the full report to learn about the latest trends and enterprise practices, including:

Types of infrastructure used

Rates of workload virtualization vs. containerization

Primary types of workloads

Number of VMs and containers supported

Challenges with virtualization and containerization platform

Staff dedicated to managing virtualization platforms

Typical size of VMs

Plans to transition from virtualization to microservices

Support investment for virtualization platforms

Frequency of infrastructure meeting business availability targets