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Moving To and Operating In the Cloud

The focus of cloud – and cloud economics itself – is changing. Most organizations have adopted fundamental cloud technologies, like virtualization, and have learned to use various kinds of infrastructure-as-a-service. They’ve experimented with private clouds and with public ones. Some have tried building “hybrid” clouds spanning both kinds of environments. And many have gotten their feet wet with containers and orchestration technologies like Swarm and Kubernetes.

But they’re encountering problems:

Too much attention focused on operating clouds vs. leveraging cloud native tech and best practices to accelerate building high-value applications and drive business success

Big issues finding enough skilled people to make progress on critical cloud and software initiatives

Difficulty changing IT and software development culture from the old “IT and Ops” paradigm to the automation/observability/metrics-intensive model of Platform and Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps.

Any of this sound familiar? If you’re starting your cloud native journey – wouldn’t it be great to avoid these problems and move straight to ROI and game-changing efficiencies?

This short paper is aimed at helping business people understand the changing modern economics of cloud, challenges faced as their organizations progress through stages in an ongoing cloud journey, and alternatives that can get you ROI and efficiency much faster, with much less pain.