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Technology Partner Program

A technology partnership with Mirantis is for those companies that are integrating, embedding, or developing products that complement the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform. Please review our Technology Partner Program Guide available at for more information on our program offerings.

Technology Partners

This important classification of partners, and their technology, provides mutual customers the reassurance that the solution is both validated and supported on Mirantis Cloud Native platform.

Partners at the Technology Partner level have Certified their commercial products with Mirantis Cloud Native Platform. Certification of products includes validation of the partner product on Mirantis Cloud Native Platform as well as establishing a support arrangement.

Inclusion on Mirantis website Partner Page and other documentation.

Open to all Partner technology types capable of being Certified.

Premier Partners

Premier Partners have deeper collaboration with Mirantis including participation in joint promotional and selling programs.

Partners invited to the Premier level have not just Certified their products, but have passed additional technical qualifications of the solution itself with Mirantis Cloud Native Platform.

Collaborate on a range of GTM and co-marketing activities.

Open by invitation only, to specific partners.