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Securely connect, monitor and manage traffic within multi-cluster environment using an enterprise ready Istio service mesh solution

Over the last few years, as enterprises realized the benefits of microservices and cloud, Containers and Kubernetes have become the standard for enterprises to build and run scalable applications in private or public clouds. Also, the cloud native landscape has seen a significant rise in new technologies related to Kubernetes such as Istio, API gateway Serverless functions, etc. to address complex deployments. Typically, enterprises will have multiple Kubernetes clusters, to avoid service outages, manage security, traffic and other concerns. 

This datasheet provides a joint solution from Mirantis and Tetrate, explaining how they provide end-to-end traffic management and security in a hybrid, multi-cluster environment.


Secure and managed traffic across a large number of services deployed

Use cases include multi-cluster/multi-tenant deployments, application ingress, API Gateways

Unified management using Tetrate Service Bridge to manage traffic across hybrid cloud using Mirantis Kubernetes Engine on-prem or on public cloud or any managed Kubernetes offerings