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The Lens Book

Save Time and Work Smarter with Kubernetes

Kubernetes brings unprecedented power and flexibility—and complexity that can stop you in your tracks. 

While a command-line client like kubectl is a refined instrument for Kubernetes professionals, the developers on your team probably aren’t Kubernetes pros, and they shouldn’t have to be—not if their job is to write, troubleshoot, and push code. Lens Desktop cuts through the complexity by giving you a dashboard to quickly and securely assess resources, view container logs, check the status of a host, or share access to clusters and objects with your team. 

We created The Lens Book to show you can use Lens Desktop to solve common Kubernetes challenges, including collaboration, security, and more.

Download for free to learn how you can…

  • Simplify the inner loop of Kubernetes development

  • Collaborate on Kubernetes

  • Harden Kubernetes security

  • …and more.