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Unleash the Power of Kubernetes with k0s: Simplicity, Flexibility, and Security

Discover k0s, the game-changing CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that simplifies deployment and management, while offering superior flexibility and security. Built by Mirantis, k0s lets you harness the full potential of Kubernetes for any use-case, on almost any platform or scale, from IoT devices to datacenters.

Experience rapid deployment with k0s` single binary, zero-dependency approach. Enjoy the freedom to customize your Kubernetes experience with k0s` support for any extension, including superior support for alternative runtimes like gVisor and Wasmtime. Rest easy, knowing that k0s is engineered for the highest standards of security, featuring TLS encryption, control-plane isolation, and Mirantis-curated upstream images (zero CVEs in k0s 1.27.1!)

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k0s use cases, from IoT to laptop to massive clusters

How k0s reduces complexity for Kubernetes deployment and management

Robust hardening and security features in k0s

Extreme customizability with standard CxI interfaces, plugins, and more