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What you need to know about Moby 23.0, Windows container changes, and more

The Moby container system framework is getting its first major release in two years, bringing exciting changes and experimental features like Container Storage Interface (CSI) support. 

Meanwhile, as Microsoft moves away from Moby and toward bare-bones containered in many Azure products, lots of Windows Server and Azure users are left wondering about the best way to run Windows containers.

That’s a lot to unpack—and we’re here to help. 

Join WeMakeDevs Founder Kunal Kushwaha and Mirantis Senior Software Engineer Bjorn Neergaard as they break it all down for you. You’ll learn:

What’s changing in Moby 23.0—and where the project is heading

Container runtime options on Windows Server after May 1st

How to choose the approach that’s right for you