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Why vSphere Users Should Migrate to Open Source Private Cloud Today

For over a decade, VMware infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) has been an enterprise gold standard. But times and technologies are changing. Today, VMware users looking for alternatives to high prices and proprietary lock-in can do better than to just approximate feature parity from competing proprietary private and public cloud offerings. Open source—particularly in combination with innovative managed-service schemes that let organizations consume “private cloud and DevOps as a service”—offer a far more feature-rich, flexible, agile, future-proofed, and affordable way forward.

Join Daniel Virassamy for a detailed breakdown of these new alternatives: 

Learn how they stack up against VMware so you can make informed decisions

See how they improve on the legacy model of IaaS by addressing real software development and enterprise IT needs so you can understand what's possible going forward

Find out how these new solutions—combining hardened opensource with expertise and automation—are implemented so you can see how they would integrate with your existing systems

Learn how to pick a partner/provider so you can avoid costly mistakes 

These innovative, vertically-integrated, open source-based product/service suites can go well beyond the legacy IaaS private cloud model of “VMs on demand” to deliver superior developer and operator self-service experiences through automation, state of the art development workflows to accelerate software delivery, services to accelerate migration and modernize, and open the door to Kubernetes and other modern orchestration technologies—all with lower TCO and predictable timelines.