Learn how Lens, the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE, lets everyone work with Kubernetes fast, at scale.

With release 4.0, Lens gets even better by seamlessly integrating with virtually any Kubernetes integrated component, toolkit, or service.

Cloud Speed

Provides instant access to any of hundreds of clusters, instant insight into cluster and workload configuration, one-touch access to metrics, plus context-aware automation.

Cloud Simplicity

Installs anywhere, eliminates the need to wrangle credentials, and provides a simple, clean user interface that hides kubectl complexity and coordinates access to desktop and remote tools.

Cloud Secured

Works entirely within the envelope of existing Kubernetes access and permissions. So users can work with permitted resources easily, with no additional centralized administration.

Cloud Consistency

Provides a single, install-anywhere toolkit, user experience, and workflow for Kubernetes development and operations across a multitude of cluster types.