Day 1
Unified Cloud Deployment

Mirantis Cloud Platform delivers customizable deployments, for both OpenStack IaaS and Kubernetes container orchestration clusters through the power of Mirantis DriveTrain. DriveTrain, built on Salt and Reclass, provides enterprise-class production ready reference architectures and allows granular deviations for custom enhancements and total control of the deployment phase.

DriveTrain deploys best-in-class open source software defined networking (SDN), OpenContrail and Calico, enabling financially advantageous deployment options like securely deploying development, test and production clusters on the same infrastructure. Describing the Infrastructure-as-Code facilitates portability of the configurations so they are the same between dev, test, and production ensuring higher reliability in application creation across the entire development path.

MCP DriveTrain LCM

MCP Lifecycle Management Demo

MCP Lifecycle Management – Updates

Day 2
Cloud Lifecycle Management

Manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure from all angles to quickly adapt to the rising needs of your business. Mirantis DriveTrain facilitates continuous integration and delivery pipelines for low-touch updates, upgrades, expansions, post-deployment config changes, reference architecture modifications, and new functionality additions. Changing the deployment in flexible and scalable ways to fit your needs from the start and through the life of your investment. Salt and Reclass are integrated into Mirantis Cloud Platform to deliver:

Continuous Integration (CI)

DriveTrain enables the development practices of CI allowing the introduction of new drivers and features to your environments. Take advantage of innovation and capitalize on new solutions without having to rip-and-replace existing infrastructure. Mirantis continually implements new, hardened features into MCP for customers to consume on their terms.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Capture the ability to get changes and additions into production and in front of end users rapidly while maintaining overall environment integrity. DriveTrain empowers predictable delivery of applications and infrastructure adaptations, as well as fully automated in-service upgrades, so your business can gain the benefits faster. This includes upgrades to the latest releases of OpenStack (MCP currently includes Ocata) and Mirantis OpenContrail (now based on OpenContrail 3.1.1).

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

Mirantis DriveTrain lets you treat your entire infrastructure as though it were code. Evolve your solutions to be scalable, flexible and agile with DriveTrain IaC tooling. This infrastructure as code methodology enables:

  • Programmatic deployment/changes
  • Configuration change auditing
  • Infrastructure level CI/CD

Track, Approve and Audit Environment Changes

DriveTrain leverages a powerful yet flexible CI/CD toolchain to configure the initial cloud deployment and subsequent changes throughout its lifecycle. It utilizes widely-accepted open source tools including Git version control, Aptly binary repository, Gerrit code review, Jenkins automation, as well as SaltStack orchestration and configuration management. These enable the best practices of software development where changes are requested by admins, reviewed by the environment operators for approval, then merged with the deployment; all while being logged each step of the way for easily auditable trails of evolution.

DriveTrain Cloud Lifecycle Management LCM toolchain
Mirantis Cloud Platform
Automate Upgrades with Mirantis DriveTrain
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