Day 1
Unified Cloud Deployment

Mirantis DriveTrain is an open source, model-based configuration, deployment and lifecycle management toolchain, designed for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) of infrastructure-as-code. Mirantis Cloud Platform uses DriveTrain to automatically stage, test, scale, update and upgrade production OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments on local bare metal nodes. MCP also offers the option of adding CaaS (Containers-as-a-Service), which can harness DriveTrain to deploy transitory Kubernetes clusters on local bare metal, OpenStack virtual machines or on Amazon Web Services.

DriveTrain maintains MCP infrastructure as a set of structurally-simple, code-based hierarchical models (plus curated packages) stored in Git and Aptly repos, reviewed with Gerrit, and deployed by Salt under the command of Jenkins pipelines. This industry-standard infrastructure-as-code approach simplifies consumption and integration of new technology, permits flexible customization and enables smooth updates with fully-automated, massive upgrades to working clouds. Portability and re-use of abstract configuration elements saves cost and time — for example, by enabling rapid deployment of ‘cloned’ cloud configurations at development, test, and production scales, on common infrastructure.

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MCP DriveTrain LCM

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MCP Lifecycle Management Demo

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MCP Lifecycle Management – Updates

Day 2
Cloud Lifecycle Management

Manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure from all angles, adapting quickly to the fast-changing needs of your business. Mirantis DriveTrain facilitates continuous integration and delivery pipelines for in-service updates, and fully automates implementation of large-scale upgrades, such as major version upgrades of OpenStack, Kubernetes, and OpenContrail SDN; letting you enjoy new technology benefits without the need for significant downtime or risk of production cloud destabilization.


Continuous Integration (CI)

DriveTrain enables the development practices of CI allowing the introduction of new drivers and features to your environments. Take advantage of innovation and capitalize on new solutions without having to rip-and-replace existing infrastructure. Mirantis continually implements new, hardened features into MCP for customers to consume on their terms.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Capture the ability to get changes and additions into production and in front of end users rapidly while maintaining overall environment integrity. DriveTrain empowers predictable delivery of applications and infrastructure adaptations, as well as fully-automated in-service upgrades, so your business can gain the benefits faster. This includes upgrades to the latest releases of OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Mirantis OpenContrail.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

Mirantis DriveTrain lets you treat your entire infrastructure as though it were code. Evolve your solutions to be scalable, flexible and agile with DriveTrain IaC tooling. This infrastructure-as-code methodology enables:

  • Programmatic deployment/changes
  • Configuration change auditing
  • Infrastructure level CI/CD

Track, Approve and
Audit Environment Changes

DriveTrain’s code-based approach lets you apply agile software development best practices to your cloud infrastructure, where changes are requested by admins, reviewed by the environment operators for approval, then merged with the deployment; all while being logged each step of the way for easy auditing, and rollback as needed.

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