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Mirantis Flow

Open Source, Cloud Native Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS)

Tired of having a cloud provider decide your future? Mirantis is putting the power back in your hands with Mirantis Flow, our cloud native data center as-a-service offering.

+  Self-service VMs and containers+  One pane of glass+  Proactive operations

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Becoming a digital-first, cloud native company enables your organization to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and deliver better service, faster. But managing cloud native infrastructure requires expertise and time, and more microservices and clouds means more complexity. Time and costs can skyrocket as you scale.

Mirantis Flow is a vendor-agnostic, centrally operated cloud native data center service that covers the virtualization and containerization needs of your applications both in your datacenter and across the public cloud — and does so at 50% of your current data center software and support costs.

Mirantis is the only provider of a cloud native platform that enables companies to leverage different infrastructure and cloud providers without having to build custom interfaces and processes for each one. Thereby reducing dependencies, risk, cost and time, enabling you to focus on delivering value for your stakeholders rather than focusing on infrastructure management.


Unencumbered DevOps

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Deliver results fast — get up and running in 48 hours with Mirantis Flow, from cluster validation to onboarding the first workload.

Dramatically Reduce Overhead

Leverage your staff’s time for more mission critical engineering. While most solutions require one or more experts per component, only that many are needed for the entire Mirantis solution.

De-risk Platform Ops

Our comprehensive solution includes everything you need to deploy and integrate, securely, out of the box — no integration is required, and support from Mirantis is included.

Key Features & Capabilities

Deployment & Onboarding

Mirantis is responsible for design, deployment, monitoring, management, operations, lifecycle management, and infrastructure scaling.

Self-Service on Any Infrastructure

On-demand multi-cloud and bare metal Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS/CaaS) and virtualization in your data center.

One Pane of Glass

Simplified, standardized single point of access to any infrastructure platforms for applications.

Built-in Observability

Comprehensive logging, monitoring, and alerting enhances the performance and utilization across your environments.

Proactive Operations

Mirantis proactively supports your organization and workloads 24×7/365, acting like an in-house team.

Get started with Mirantis Flow

Mirantis Flow is powered by OpsCare Plus, our managed service that consistently delivers 99.99% availability with an average customer NPS score of 70.

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What is a data center as a service (DCaaS)?


A data center as a service is a comprehensive cloud infrastructure management solution that enables enterprises to offload their IT operation challenges and focus on accelerating innovation. It consists of a software-defined data center, implementation assistance, and enterprise support.


Who should use Mirantis Flow?


Mirantis Flow is designed for enterprises that want to focus on creating extraordinary applications, rather than managing the burden of IT operations.

It’s ideal for enterprises that no longer want to handle on-premises data center management in house and want the flexibility to also control compute, networking and storage resources provided by public cloud, cloud hosting, and/or colocation providers — all from the same unified, hybrid cloud platform.


What guaranteed outcomes does Mirantis Flow provide?


Mirantis Flow provides enterprises the assurance of guaranteed outcomes, including up to 99.99% uptime SLA and the first container or VM provisioned within 48 hours of accessing your hardware.


What types of cloud infrastructure can Mirantis Flow manage?


Mirantis Flow can seamlessly manage hybrid cloud compute, networking, and storage resources on a broad range of public cloud providers (Amazon Web Service, Azure Cloud, and more soon to come), on-premise cloud infrastructure (VMware vSphere, OpenStack), cloud hosting / colocation facilities, and points of presence for edge computing — all unified with one platform, a single pane of glass, and 24x7x365 proactive support.


What software licenses does Mirantis Flow include?


Mirantis Flow includes 1,000 core/vCPU licenses to access the entire Mirantis product portfolio, with no additional charge for control plane and management software licenses. The main components include Mirantis Container Cloud, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Secure Registry (including security scanning and image signing), Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, and Lens Spaces. Our comprehensive solution includes everything you need to deploy, with security tooling included out of the box.


What data center services and support does MIrantis Flow include?


Mirantis Flow includes your choice of the OpsCare Plus managed service or OpsCare 24x7x365 proactive support, in which we serve as your “data center co-pilot.” With these data center services, we take full responsibility for your data center infrastructure, allowing you to focus on building your applications. Additionally, Mirantis Flow includes data center services such as deployment and verification, security updates and software patching.


Is Mirantis Flow a managed hosting service or colocation service provider?


No, Mirantis Flow is not a managed hosting service or colocation service provider. Mirantis Flow is a complete data center as a service offering that can seamlessly manage data center resources in public clouds, private clouds, edge locations, managed hosted infrastructure and colocation facilities. We partner with Equinix Metal for customers interested in hosted bare metal.