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Announcing Mirantis Training Badges

Maroquine Aziz - March 10, 2022

With cloud adoption on the rise, it’s imperative to sharpen the cloud skills among your staff. Companies are seeking modern skills in cloud and container technology to differentiate themselves against competitors. When looking for new talent, 72% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone with a certification or the latest technical training. 92% of employees are requesting more training so they can evolve in their current role.

As the industry leader in container technology, Mirantis Training provides access to real-world content that leverages our extensive experience in delivering cloud technologies in production, at scale. Our comprehensive learning portfolio continuously evolves to stay on top of the latest trends to provide state-of-the-art content in an engaging environment.

Mirantis Training is excited to announce digital badges, a new way for learners to demonstrate their achievements. With cloud and container technology skills in high demand, the digital badges provide learners the ability to share their hard-earned credentials on resumes, peer community sites and across social media platforms.

Earn your digital badge!

Our digital badges are aligned with our learning journey plans that correlate to role-based learning, technology and bootcamps. These learning journeys are created to establish a clear path for you to build the skills and knowledge required to be successful in your role and technology area. 

Mirantis Bootcamps Digital Badges

 Getting started is easy with Mirantis Bootcamps, a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of each technology area.  Earn your Bootcamp badge by completing and passing any of the following:

  • Kubernetes Operations — Cloud Native Operations Bootcamp
  • Kubernetes Development — Cloud Native Development Bootcamp
  • Mirantis Cloud Native Platform Bootcamp
  • Mirantis Container Cloud Bootcamp
  • OpenStack Administration

Mirantis Technology Badges 

Our technology tracks encompass interactive courses and hands-on labs around the latest cloud and OpenStack technologies.

cloud native learning track

Develop the skills to advance in your role today.  The learning journeys designed for specific roles target a variety of cloud technologist professions, including: DevOps Engineer, Kubernetes Admin, Kubernetes Developer, Infrastructure Engineer and Security Specialist.

Here is the learning path per role. 

role based learning track

Get started today.

The learning journeys are designed to help you navigate the path that fits your needs. The Mirantis Badges are a great way to demonstrate your cloud expertise and put them on display. Get started today with our course catalog. If you are ready to enroll in training, find one that works for you in our Training section of the Mirantis store. Not sure where to start or want to engage with a Mirantis Training specialist? Contact us for help.

Maroquine Aziz

Maroquine Aziz is Head of Training at Mirantis. She brings over 15 years of strategic leadership experience acting as a methodology expert and facilitator supporting new product and service initiatives in the fields of Technology and Operations.

Choose your cloud native journey.

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