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At Structure 2012, Mirantis Joins the "Who's Who" of cloud

David Fishman - June 14, 2012

Call it what you will -- the Davos of Cloud, the Big Chill of cloud buzz, you name it -- our friends at GigaOM have put together a terrific lineup of big time clouderati at the Structure conference next Wednesday June 20th and 21st.

A lot of these guys are the real deal -- Adrian Cockcroft of Netflix is an old friend who has long been thinking several leagues ahead and has track record of delivering on those ideas. Werner Vogels of Amazon has certainly done his part to upset some apple carts. And OpenStack gets more than its fair share of attention with the twins-separated-at-birth alumni of the NASA OpenStack singularity, Josh McKenty of Piston and  Chris Kemp of Nebula, While opportunities for breathless bluster abound, I expect a fair amount of interesting discussion to emerge.

Mirantis is delighted to be a Prime Time sponsor at Structure. We'll be talking about how to make the best of OpenStack OpenSource Cloud without the questionable joys of vendor dependencies. We'd be delighted if you'd join us for our workshop Wednesday Afternoon at 3:45

Vendor Independent OpenStack Cloud: Install and Demo

OpenStack is the largest open source cloud community in the world. Public distribution of OpenStack is a complete, feature-rich product, available for free. In this session, Mirantis will demonstrate how simple it can be to deploy and run a vendor independent OpenStack cloud using exclusively Apache 2.0 open source tooling.

      • Kirill Ishanov - Director, OpenStack Cloud Services, Mirantis
      • Boris Renski - Founder and CMO, Mirantis

We'll be tweeting from the conference, so feel free to follow us on twitter or fire back with your impressions.

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