Have You Voted for OpenStack Summit Barcelona Proposals Yet?

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As you know, it’s that time again: voting is open for proposals for the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona this coming October 25-28, 2016.  Although the schedule is ultimately determined by a group of subject matter experts known as the “track chairs”, it’s important to vote on sessions so they have an idea of what you want to see.

And not just the sessions that you get bombarded with over social media, either. We’d like to encourage you to take a look at as many of the sessions listed at the summit voting site as you can — or at least, in the tracks that interest you.  

Meanwhile, we’re proud to present you with a list of proposals submitted by our experts. If they interest you, please use the search and vote for them.

And even if they don’t interest you, please go to the site and look over the proposals that are there; your opinion matters! And do it before the deadline—August 8 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Architectural Decisions

  • Big Data — Big Deal? (Christian Huebner, Mirantis; Thomas Lichtenstein, Mirantis)
  • The Final Word on Availability Zones (Ernest de Leon, Mirantis)
  • Identity Management at Scale (Florin Stingaciu, Mirantis; Katarina Valalikova, Evolveum)
  • OpenStack: You Can Take it to the Bank! (Ivan Krovyakov, Mirantis; Vsevolod Pluzhnikov, Sberbank)
  • When Not to Share — a Global Cloud Model (Ernest de Leon, Mirantis; Craig Anderson, Mirantis)
  • Using Monitoring to Guide Migration (Frank Karlsberger, Dynatrace; John Jainschigg, Mirantis)
  • Big Brother is Watching You! Or How to Audit the Cloud (Oleksii Kolodiazhnyi, Mirantis)

Case Studies

  • Case Study: Enabling CI/CD for a Future of Connected Cars at One of the World’s Largest Automakers (Adrian Steer, Mirantis; Praveen Yalagandula, Avi Networks)
  • How Four Superusers Measure the Business Value of their OpenStack Cloud (Kamesh Pemmaraju, Mirantis; Amar Kapadia, Mirantis)
  • Sharing Resources with OpenStack (Atze de Vries, Naturalis)
  • Using RUP, XP, and Kanban For OpenStack Development (Bruce Basil Mathews, Mirantis)
  • No Team? No problem! (How a Single Admin Manages 70 OpenStack Nodes) (Atze de Vries, Naturalis)

Cloud App Development

  • App Delivery to App Catalog: Deploying Direct to Murano for More Consumable Solutions (Nick Gulrajani, Mirantis)
  • Building Bridges to Fill Gaps between AWS and OpenStack (Bruce Basil Mathews, Mirantis; Jun Park, Adobe)
  • Application Catalogs: Understanding Glare, Murano, and Community App Catalog (Alexander Tivelkov, Murano; Kirill Zaitsev, Murano)
  • Applications for OpenStack, Developing, and Consuming Using Community Application Catalog (Igor Marnat, Mirantis; Christopher Aedo, IBM)
  • Openstack Murano and Puppet: An easy way to bring your manifests into the cloud (Alexey Khivin, Mirantis; Sergey Kraynev, Mirantis)

Cloud Models & Economics

  • Hybrid Private Cloud — The Only Way to Cloud (Ernest de Leon, Mirantis; Craig Anderson, Mirantis)
  • Do OpenStack Private Clouds Provide Cost Savings Over Public Clouds (Nicolas Brousse, TubeMogul; Christian Carrasco, Cloud Advisor; Peter Lopez, Technicolor; Amar Kapadia, Mirantis)

Community Building

  • How We Built Fuel Community: Challenges of Big Tent Projects (Evgeniya Schuhmacher, Mirantis)
  • 100% Organic Talkshow Tips (John Jainschigg, Mirantis; Nick Chase, Mirantis)


  • Container Orchestration Tapas: Kubernetes, Magnum, Swarm on OpenStack (Ayrat Khayretdinov, CloudOps; Ihor Dvoretskyi, Mirantis; Stacy Véronneau, CloudOps)

Evaluating OpenStack

  • Using OpenStack Personas to Build an Effective Cloud Strategy (Svetlana Karslioglu, Mirantis; Dmitriy Novakovskiy, Mirantis)

Field Experiences

  • VW Car Configurator: Case Study in Running Cloud-Friendly Applications on OpenStack (Ricardo Ameixca, Volkswagen AG; Craig Peters, Mirantis)

How To & Best Practices

  • Day 2 Operations: How to Constantly Improve the Upgrade Process (Gabriel Capisizu, Symatec; Mykyta Gubenko, Mirantis; Alexander Sakhnov, Mirantis)
  • Building a Fortress: The Easiest Way to Get Full Role-based Access Control in Openstack Keystone (Kseniya Tychkova, Mirantis)
  • Keystone and WebSSO: A Unified Login System for OpenStack and other web services (Kseniya Tychkova, Mirantis)
  • m1.Boaty.McBoatface: The joys of flavor planning by popular vote (Craig Anderson, Mirantis; Ben Silverman, OnX Enterprise Solutions)
  • Great Cloud Migrations: Do we need them? What options do we have? (Evgeniya Shuhmacher, Mirantis; Ayrat Khayretdinov, CloudOps; Roman Verchikov, Mirantis; Octavian Ciuhandu, Cloudbase Solutions; Hashir Abdi, Linux Integration Services)
  • How to be an OpenStack Operator and still sleep (Raul Flores, Mirantis)
  • Let’s Make Live Migrations Great Again (Timofey Durakov, Mirantis; Volodymyr Nykytiuk, Mirantis)
  • Navigating in OpenStack: sources of truth about everything (Evgeniya Schuhmacher, Mirantis; Ilya Stechkin, Mirantis)
  • How to calculate the transition between two states of your OpenStack cluster (Alexey Shtokolov, Mirantis; Vladimir Kuklin, Mirantis)

IT Strategy

  • Playing with the Slinky: Elastic Capacity Planning for OpenStack Clouds (Ben Silverman, OnX Enterprise Solutions)
  • Is your cloud scaling forecast a bit foggy? (Christian Huebner, Mirantis; Colin Burns, Mirantis)
  • Enterprise IT in the Land of the Ephemeral Cow (Chris Bingham, Mirantis)


  • Neutron Power Vacuum (Todd Bowman, Mirantis)
  • Is OpenStack Neutron production ready for large scale deployments? (Satish Salagame, Mirantis; Oleg Bondarev, Mirantis; Elena Ezhova, Mirantis)
  • The race conditions of Neutron L3 HA’s scheduler under scale performace (Kevin Benton, Mirantis; John Schwarz, Red Hat; Ann Taraday)

Operations War Stories

  • One control plane to rule them all – Managing physical and virtual infrastructure (Alexander Sakhnov, Mirantis; Mykyta Gubenko, Mirantis)
  • Making OpenStack your own (Atze de Vries, Naturalis)

Ops Tools

  • A Monitoring Architecture for OpenStack on Kubernetes (Eric Lemoine, Mirantis; Patrick Petit, Mirantis; Olivier Bourdon, Mirantis)
  • Sleep better at night: Openstack Cloud Auto-Healing (Mykyta Gubenko, Mirantis; Alexander Sakhnov, Mirantis)
  • Augmented Reality for OpenStack (John Jainschigg, Mirantis)

Products & Services

  • Horizon UI Modifications in the Context of Short-lived, Complex, Interactive, Network centric Stacks (Jeff Johnson, Riverbed)

Project Updates

  • What’s new in OpenStack File Share Services (Manila) (Akshai Parthasarathy, NetApp; Gregory Elkinbard, Mirantis)
  • Glare – unified binary repository for OpenStack (Mike Fedosin, Mirantis; Kairat Kushaev, Mirantis)


  • Maintaining Privacy and Security on Your OpenStack Cloud (Bruce Basil Mathews, Mirantis; Peter Lopez, Technicolor)
  • Digital Forensics vs. OpenStack (Panel) (Alexander Adamov, Mirantis; Johan Christenson, City Network; Anders Carlsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology; Mariano Cunietti, Enter.it)


  • OpenStack’s Storage Performance: Can you handle the truth? (Paul Roberts, Mirantis; Ryan Day, Mirantis)
  • Converge and Conquer: OpenStack Converged Compute with Ceph SDS (Jacob Caspi, AT&T; Kiko Reis, Canonical; Christian Huebner, Mirantis)

Telecom/NFV Operations

  • Successful rapid NFVi deployment – take 2 (Vincent Jardin, 6Wind; Irina Povolotskaya, Mirantis)
  • Accelerating Enterprise Cloud Adoption with Murano: AT&T Telco Use Cases and Lessons Learned (Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel, AT&T; Craig Peters, Mirantis)

Upstream Development

  • YAQL, The heart behind MuranoPL, Mistral Workflows, Fuel custom graph and Heat 2016-10-14 format (Kirill Zaitsev, Mirantis; Dmitrii Dovbii, Mirantis; Stan Lagun, Mirantis)
  • Oslo.Messaging ZeroMQ driver update and messaging drivers benchmarking (Oleksii Zamiatin, Mirantis; Dmitry Mescheryakov, Mirantis)
  • Shipping OpenStack Fast and Furious (Thomas Goirand, Mirantis; Haikel Guèmar, Red Hat)
  • Switching to oslo.db EngineFacade in OpenStack projects (Pavel Kholkin, Mirantis; Sergey Nikitin, Mirantis)
  • Neutron L3 Flavors (Kevin Benton, Mirantis; Armando Migliaccio)
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