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Infra ops made easy: Breathe a sigh of relief with OpsCare guaranteed outcomes


What is your company’s core expertise? Whether it’s investment banking, automotive manufacturing, outpatient healthcare, or what have you, this is where you want to be investing your energy and resources as a business. However, software has become a key differentiating factor across all industries, and best practices veer increasingly towards open source and cloud native components and methodologies. As a result, it’s becoming all too common for enterprise IT to become overwhelmingly consumed — in terms of staff, budget and cycles — by the crazy complexity of infrastructure operations.

Ultimately, this forces the question: where would you rather be devoting your personnel, resources, and energy — maintaining the monster of infra ops (Infrastructure Operations) or helping your company leverage its core expertise to deliver greater customer value?

Moving toward a Consumption Model of Infra Ops

Because the whole enterprise stack is getting so big and complicated, the IT industry is moving toward a "consumption" instead of a "build/operate" model. For six years, Mirantis has been offering a consumption model for cloud infrastructure, providing white glove enterprise support and managed services so customers can focus on impactful, high-value activities that closely affect the bottom line.

OpsCare infra ops support

This year, Mirantis has revamped our subscriptions to focus on models of support that are more proactive rather than reactive. Our two key offerings include OpsCare Plus fully managed services and OpsCare 24x7x365 proactive support.

Both OpsCare and OpsCare Plus include subscriptions to the Mirantis Container Cloud hybrid/multi-cloud platform and Lens Spaces, a cloud service that works seamlessly with Lens Kubernetes IDE to provide an integrated environment for teaming, participation, and access control. 

Mirantis Container Cloud features the built-in StackLight logging, monitoring and reporting service, which enables us to proactively support Kubernetes, Swarm and OpenStack deployments on any infrastructure.

For all Mirantis products, we also continue to offer LabCare 8x5 regional support for non-production environments.

OpsCare Plus - Fully Managed Service

With OpsCare Plus, Mirantis takes full responsibility for your infrastructure operations. Our global team of infrastructure experts proactively monitors, manages and operates your container and virtual environments at peak operating conditions to maximize the value of your cloud investment. ​​We map our IT operations to the needs of your business to provide the best methodology for running your solution within the constructs of your processes, while also following a strong ITIL framework for delivering IT services according to industry best practices.

Mirantis engineers provide complete end-to-end problem resolution, roll out seamless updates and upgrades without disruption, and perform full change management. OpsCare Plus lets you fully consume your infrastructure, platform, and DevOps pipeline anywhere they are deployed — be it public cloud, private cloud and/or bare metal — while also providing the assurance of guaranteed outcomes such as availability SLAs.

OpsCare - Your “Container Co-Pilot”

If you prefer to manage your cloud internally, Mirantis can be the trusted co-pilot at your side for Day 2 operations, 24x7x365. Our engineers will proactively monitor and escalate incidents to your engineers for resolution, but, importantly, we will not access your systems or data. OpsCare is designed to accelerate time to value — with value recognized within a matter of days, not months — which we achieve by reducing operational overhead and providing guaranteed outcomes.

OpsCare begins with deployment and validation of your environment. During day-to-day operations, active monitoring, logging and reporting as a service through Mirantis StackLight provides improved visibility, with critical alerts sent to both Mirantis and your team. With this “Co-Pilot” model of support, OpsCare improves upon our previous offering, known as ProdCare, with better SLAs and other features.

Guaranteed Outcomes

At Mirantis, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled infra ops expertise, our cutting-edge cloud and container platforms, and our passion for customer success. Armed with these strengths, we are excited to offer compelling guaranteed outcomes for OpsCare and OpsCare Plus. They include:

  • Deployment of environment and applications in hours — not days
  • Deployment according to Mirantis validated best practices
  • Components always up-to-date with the latest release versions to ensure stability, security and uptime
  • 99.99% availability SLA for API availability (OpsCare Plus only)
  • Operational SLAs starting at 15 minutes or less for OpsCare Plus and 30 minutes or less for OpsCare for the initial response to Severity 1 incidents

All of this is backed by our track record for outstanding support. Since launching our first managed services offering six years ago, we’ve consistently delivered 99.99% availability, with customers consistently giving world-class NPS scores for OpsCare Plus.

Here are some actual comments we received from customers in our last NPS survey:

“I would recommend Mirantis for their professionalism and on-time service/product deliveries. The support is great at all levels, and it is very easy to collaborate with the staff members on any customized projects. The hardest part in business is the ability to adjust to the competing trends, and I personally perceive Mirantis as a progressive player in such a niche market.”
— Project Manager, Network Infrastructure at Global Top 3 telecommunications company

“The Team at Mirantis rocks. It’s your willingness to work through the challenges that keep us coming back for more.”
— Senior Platform Architect at cloud native security company

“I would like to thank the entire Mirantis team that has supported us in our containerization journey. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves to help figure out very complicated Kubernetes issues with us.”
— Director, Compute and Data Product Manager at Global 500 investment bank

Focused on Your Success

To succeed in business, it is always better to be proactive to market conditions rather than reactive. As we rejig our support offerings to provide a more proactive approach to infrastructure operations, our ultimate goal is to make your lives easier as IT managers and to help you achieve greater success. 

It’s time for enterprise IT to move on from the daily struggles of infra ops, breathe a sigh of relief, and focus more fully on core business applications. Anyway, isn’t it more fun to work on creating software that affects your users’ lives, rather than troubleshooting issues at 2 am or applying security patches?

To learn more about SLAs or get started with a support subscription, contact Mirantis sales.

Michelle Yakura

Michelle Yakura is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Mirantis.

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