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Mirantis Container Cloud and Lens: Making Developers’ Lives Easier


Mirantis is always looking for ways to reduce developer effort, save developer time, and help them focus on creating great applications that build value for their business.

When we launched Mirantis Container Cloud, we delivered an easy to use, consistent, and fully managed way to quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure. This reduced the load on developers needing to build test or production Kubernetes clusters that were secure and complied with corporate standards. The DevOps team could deploy Mirantis Container Cloud once and then provide access to the web UI or the API and let developers or their colleagues build clusters on demand.

Along with self-service cluster deployment, Mirantis Container Cloud also provides the following key capabilities:

  • Zero touch operations

  • Continuous, zero downtime updates and upgrades

  • Logging, monitoring and alerting of clusters through StackLight, automatically deployed and instrumented

  • Hybrid multi-cloud support, including bare metal, private cloud (VMWare and OpenStack), and public cloud (AWS, Azure, Equinix Metal, GCP)

Lens Extension for Mirantis Container Cloud

Lens gives users an intuitive and simple graphical user interface that provides the ability to connect to any CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster and achieve complete situational awareness, allowing them to manage, troubleshoot, and monitor their Kubernetes environment and applications in real time.

The Mirantis Container Cloud Lens Extension makes it even easier to integrate Mirantis Container Cloud into developer workflows and provide developers and operators with easy access and visibility into the clusters that they have the necessary permissions to connect to.

The new Lens Extension enables you to:

  • Sync all objects (clusters, SSH keys, proxies, credentials, RHEL licenses) from selected projects in connected management clusters into the Lens Catalog

  • Auto-sync future projects in connected management clusters

  • View details of all synced objects directly in Lens

  • Open clusters in Lens to take advantage of Lens introspection

  • Sync objects from multiple projects, from multiple connected management clusters at once

  • Continuously auto-sync, ensuring you are always up to date reflecting what's in your connected management clusters/projects

  • Continue to have visibility on your synced objects offline (though Lens can't show you a child cluster's details if you're offline, of course)

  • Use smart labels with synced objects, allowing you to do reverse lookups currently not possible in Mirantis Container Cloud's browser UI (such as "what clusters are using this credential?")

Try it now

If you are already a Lens and Mirantis Container Cloud user, simply run through the following steps to deploy the Mirantis Container Cloud Lens extension:

  1. Start Lens (You will need to be using at least Lens 6)

  2. Switch to the Extensions view: (MacOS: Lens > Extensions -- Windows/Linux: File > Extensions)

  3. If you already have the earlier version of Mirantis Container Cloud Lens Extension, please ensure you remove it first.

  4. Enter the name of this extension, @mirantis/lens-extension-cc, into the Install Extension box.

  5. Click on the Install button.

  6. Make sure the extension is enabled.

If you are new to Lens and want to install it and experience what it can do to streamline your development experience with Kubernetes, go to to sign up. 

For more information, as well as a step-by-step tutorial, on how to deploy the Mirantis Container Cloud Lens Extension, full details are available

We would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for capabilities you would like to see or any feedback on the extension or any of our products please let us know.

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Shaun O'Meara and Stefan Cameron.

Shaun O'Meara is Global FIeld CTO and Stefan Cameron is Principal Software Engineer at Mirantis.

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