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Mirantis Newsletter - November 2021


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Mirantis Container Cloud now supports Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is now an infrastructure provider option for Mirantis Container Cloud, increasing the number of choices for customers looking to host their applications across both private and public data centers.

Mirantis customers can now seamlessly move their workloads across Microsoft Azure, AWS, VMware vSphere, OpenStack, Equinix Metal, and bare metal cloud infrastructure, without getting tied up in the details of each specific implementation. For specifics on the latest Mirantis Container Cloud release, read our launch blog or follow this tutorial guide to get started with Container Cloud on Azure today.

Think OpenStack is dead? Think again.

In the last year, OpenStack adoption has grown 66% to over 25 million cores, due to companies suddenly needing to provide infrastructure for remote workers during the pandemic. For many, it meant that they finally had to do that “digital transformation” that they’d been putting off for so many years. For OpenStack, this has meant a double boon. Read blog to learn more »

Case Study: RAIN uses k0s for compute-heavy AI calculations

Finnish software company RAIN selected the lightweight k0s distribution for running compute-heavy AI model calculations. Developers required a Kubernetes distro that could run on their laptops, used minimal compute resources, and needed minimal configuration. k0s was easy to deploy with a single command, smoothly exposes GPUs for running AI models, and includes security features not found in other distros. Read case study »

Kubernetes and Container Tutorials

Wait, Do We Need to Hold Up on GitOps?

GitOps can be transformative for some teams, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The viability of GitOps is ultimately going to depend on the context in which you’re trying to apply the model. While we can find some general community consensus on more and less successful approaches to the model, we don’t have a set of detailed, definitive best practices. Read article to learn more »

Mirantis Training & Certification

Are you ready to up your cloud game? With Mirantis training, you get access to real world content that leverages our extensive experience delivering cloud technologies in production, at scale. Designed to meet your needs, so you can select private classes, public classes, self-paced or an annual subscription.

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