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OpenStack Summit Boston Replay

Diana Dvorkin - January 01, 2011
OpenStack Summit Boston brought its best as it played for an open world. From the latest OpenStack news, to baseballs puns, to the surprise appearance of Edward Snowden, the show was a hub of excitement. More than ever, the expansion of OpenStack was evident, across consumption models as well as use cases.
As OpenStack matures, vendors are making it easier than ever to consume OpenStack, as was evident in the OpenStack Foundation’s newest addition to their Marketplace: Remotely Managed Private Clouds. Working to solve the people and process problem that once surrounded OpenStack, this new category enables vendors to provide the many benefits of OpenStack, but “as-a-service”. Companies large and small will be able to have the benefits and simplicity of a public cloud, but delivered as a private cloud package.
The movement towards private cloud was also echoed in The Foundation’s surprise guest, Edward Snowden. Snowden touched on one of the leading concerns of public cloud - that most large enterprises should approach public clouds cautiously due to issues with compliance and security. While public cloud promotes ease of use, it does not necessarily provide the privacy and security that enterprises seek from private cloud; data that sits in the cloud doesn't have the same requirements for, say, search warrants before it gets turned over to law enforcement or other government agencies.
Within OpenStack, there was an emphasis on interoperability, for OpenStack as a whole, as well as the individual OpenStack projects. Keynotes showcased a range of live demos, each demonstrating how OpenStack is able to quickly and easily work with different technologies across the stack. Demos showcased how OpenStack can be used with more mainstream technologies such as Docker, down to niche technologies such as an open source multi-cloud continuous deployment platform called Spinnaker. OpenStack projects themselves were also showcased, and were emphasized as standalone technologies, with their own capabilities.

Get a glimpse of OpenStack Summit Boston with our highlights, and stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of what you missed.

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