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Swift 2.0 Released - Now with Storage Policies

On Tuesday last, OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) released an upgrade hailed as the most significant since the project was initially open sourced. Swift 2.0 debuts Storage Policies, a simplified way to dynamically requisition storage meeting application requirements for storage tier/medium type, speed, capacity, replication level -- even geographic area, to enable compliance with data sovereignty laws and regulations. Extensions to the Storage Policies scheme will support additional new features expected later this year, such as Erasure Coding.

In development for over a year, Storage Policies is the product of over three dozen developers at 15 companies, plus independent contributors. The hotly-anticipated new feature is expected not only to increase the efficiency and serviceability of Swift object storage to private datacenter operators and developers, but to serve as the foundation for a new generation of highly-customizable storage solutions from OpenStack cloud hosts.

Storage Policies adds newly fine-grained control to Swift OpenStack Object Storage, already popular due to its intrinsic durability, massive scalability, performance, ability to upgrade smoothly and scale with negligible downtime, and the fact that it runs on commodity hardware, avoiding lock-in.



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