What's next for Swarm: New features, the same world-class support

Eric Gregory - October 17, 2022

Mirantis continues to provide world-class enterprise support for Swarm, and to deliver Swarm as a managed service—and we’re in it for the long term. 

We have more than 100 customers utilizing Swarm for production workloads, including GlaxoSmithKline, Jabil Circuit, MetLife, Royal Bank of Canada, SEB, and S&P Global. This translates to more than 10,000 nodes spread across approximately 1,000 clusters, supporting over 100,000 containers orchestrated by Swarm.

Even as the container orchestration landscape evolves, many of our customers use the dual-orchestration features of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine to leverage Swarm and Kubernetes side-by-side—whether to smoothly onboard developers to cloud native patterns, to take advantage of Swarm’s simplicity and security for particular workloads, or to facilitate a flexible migration to containers

The path ahead

We’re continuing to develop and maintain Swarm and the components necessary to ensure that it remains the perfect simple alternative—or complement—to Kubernetes. 

To put this into perspective, we maintain the following and more for our Swarm customers:

  • FIPS certification and support

  • Signed image support

  • Regular security validation and updates (typically on a 6-week cadence)

  • Extensive lifecycle management tooling

  • Security integration to enable RBAC and enterprise authentication

  • Extensive metrics

  • MKE Image pruning - Automating routine maintenance of nodes

In addition, as part of our ongoing roadmap to support Swarm, we are introducing the following new features in the near future:

  • Swarm CSI - Currently going through upstream validation 

  • MKE Mandatory Swarm resources constraints - Enabling administrators to set constraints for CPU and memory requests

  • MKE Swarm Chargebacks - Enabling chargeback reporting for Swarm clusters

Swarm and the customers who rely on its simplicity and stability are important to Mirantis. We will continue to provide top-class Swarm support for as long as it helps ensure success for our customers.

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