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ZeroOps: Gaining the Gift of Time

Shaun O'Meara - August 11, 2022

The ZeroOps approach to cloud lets you focus on innovating with technology at the application layer, not on building or minding platforms

You’re in a race against time.

We all are. Every tech-centric business.

We have products, services, apps to deliver and scale.

We have customers to attract, engage, delight.

We all have goals – big numbers! – to meet and exceed.

If you waste time, everything goes to hell. In today’s market conditions? Could be fatal.

So how does a smart, fast-growing, skilled, tech-centric business claw back time?

Smart customers: smarter choices

Right now, today, a bunch of smart, tech-forward companies are learning to make smarter cloud choices, and are climbing the ladder towards greater focus on business goals, additional time-savings, and efficiencies:

A large, fast-moving e-commerce business – long-time cloud users with a large IT staff and full-stack web application developers/operators galore. They needed a large private cloud where they could quickly move critical workloads with minimal friction. Their cloud runs entirely “as a service,” hosting demanding workloads and meeting strict SLAs.

A global ISV, delivering critical inline security software functionality to clients on three continents. They needed to deliver and operate testing, demo, and production execution environments quickly, confidently, and securely to internal teams and customers.. Developers can stay heads-down, evolve their products quickly, ensure customer satisfaction, and achieve revenue, TCO, and efficiency targets.

One of the world’s largest multiservice investment banks. They needed a hybrid cloud for containerized applications. Table stakes for them: high uptime, resilience, highest levels of security, ease of use for operators, and easy developer onboarding. This solution fits the bill, the bank’s developers can access functionality as a service, and it enables them to move faster and consume it as a utility, while not having to deal with the management burden.

The gift of time

What does saving time (and talent) mean? It means everything to your ability to execute your business plan and win.

What’s that worth?

Clock-time first. An on-premises cloud requires the equivalent of seven full-time engineers, on average, to provide 24x7 support just to handle the normal support and maintenance.

Time is talent. If you had infinite time, you could learn, build, and do anything. But in the real world, you need to choose what to do, and you need to focus. 

Time is opportunity. “First-mover advantage” is a thing. Being fast and staying agile gets you to market, and helps you adapt once you’re there. Is your goal to be a cloud infrastructure company, or would it be better to focus on doing what you really do, really well?

Time saved saves time. Once you have time, a virtuous cycle can begin, where you focus talent on accelerating your own critical business processes (e.g., using automation, AI/ML, and other novel tech) and end up delivering more value at lower cost and risk.

Saving time can actually improve productivity.

How do you get this gift of time?


ZeroOps is a radical rethinking of how agile organizations consume services:

  • Your cloud experience should be 100% “as a service.” 

  • Your cloud is engineered, tested, implemented, scaled, updated, and operated by a global team of cloud specialists that you don’t need to hire, train, equip, and manage.

  • You have access to a full set of modern operations and applications paradigms, supporting  infrastructure-as-code, “Shift Left” DevOps, “Shift Right” monitoring. 

  • You don't need to hire additional experts, master new techniques, build automation, or maintain your cloud.

Your developers can quickly onboard and produce value, with zero distractions.

Towards ZeroOps

ZeroOps combines intelligent automation and managed services to kill the implementation lags and operational timesucks. Optimal, open source technologies to create convenience, and business-differentiating value. Giving time – the most precious commodity – back to you. Saving even more time: letting you focus new energy on your applications. 

Clouds that help you win.

We'll be bringing you more about ZeroOps in the days and weeks to come. Meanwhile, what would you like to do with all that extra time?

Shaun O'Meara

Global Field CTO, Mirantis

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