brain-iconThe Mirantis Mindset

Acts as if the Company is yours. Goes above and beyond what is required and expected. Seriously committed and dedicated. This is “my baby” attitude. I own it! Demonstrates and communicates a high level of personal ownership and commitment to achieving results and making the company a success.

Willing to assume some level of risk. Considers alternative options and solutions, even if not popular. Thinks “outside the box”. Strives to influence change when necessary and appropriate. Curious and inquisitive. Proactively takes actions to improve personal capabilities even if they require something new and different or great sacrifice. Understands that change is sometimes necessary and is willing to step up.

Minimizes the bureaucracy. Is clear and concise. Easy to read, understand and act on. Not complicated. Straightforward and to the point. Not overly analytical and theoretical.

Concentrates on the goal and objective at hand. Does not waste time and energy on other things outside of the goal and task at hand. Is attentive and alert and not easily distracted. Does not get caught up in irrelevant activities and events. Knows what needs to be done and stays on the mark.

Works well with others and understands the importance of teamwork. Cooperates and collaborates to achieve goals and objectives. Actively participates and connects with others both inside and outside of his/her team or organization. Place value on working together to get things done.

Is trusted and considered trustworthy. Encourages connections and communications. Listens to learn and understand others. Is supportive and sensitive to the needs of others. Is interested in the welfare of others and can be counted on. Reliable, responsible and dependable.