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Cloud-Native Cookbook

Cloud technology is complicated! On this page, Mirantis has pulled together links to two collections of essential resources for technologists, businesspeople, and cloud native learners. If you’re studying cloud native technologies, need a quick definition of key terms for a presentation, or want to go hands-on (free!) with the core technologies and solutions now dominating the cloud native landscape, Mirantis Cloud Native Cookbook is here to help.


Cloud Native Concepts

These articles explain key cloud technologies, terms, ideas, and best practices. If you’re not sure exactly what containers are for, or why an organization might need Kubernetes, this is a good place to start.

Once you’ve read through some of this material, or reach a point where you want to study cloud native tech more seriously, Mirantis Training can help – with a host of flexible online and in-person courses (all completely vendor-neutral!) for up-skilling, mastering containers and Kubernetes, and prepping for cloud native certification exams.

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Kubernetes Lab

The internet is full of sketchy advice for how to install container runtimes, build Kubernetes clusters on different infrastructures, and use modern DevOps tools. Great for experienced engineers – not always great for others.

Our Kubernetes Lab section goes several steps further, and provides ALL the basic tutorials you’ll need to set up a laptop-based or cloud-based laboratory for home or work, aimed at evaluating cloud native tech and products. Plus: we provide tested recipes for installing and going hands-on with every Mirantis product: including Mirantis Container Runtime (think: enterprise Docker Engine) and Swarm (simple container cluster), Mirantis Secure Registry (secure enterprise container registry), and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (Kubernetes or Swarm cluster model for Linux or Windows, with built-in enterprise-grade container networking and ingress). You can also try our flagship solution, Mirantis Container Cloud: a system for deploying and lifecycle managing Kubernetes on any kind of infrastructure (or on multiple infrastructures).

Try Mirantis Products

Explore and try Mirantis Cloud Native Platform and open source products (or use them free, at small scales, with community support). Learn cloud native skills. Plan proofs-of-concept. See how everything we make fits together.

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Mirantis Container Cloud

Hybrid/multi-cloud platform deploys and manages secure-by-default, batteries-included Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure: public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal. Try it out on AWS or Equinix Metal, free!


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Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Enterprise-ready Kubernetes and Swarm orchestration. (formerly Docker Enterprise/UCP). Deploys Mirantis Container Runtime for worker and manager nodes.


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Mirantis Container Runtime

Industry-leading enterprise container engine. (formerly Docker Engine – Enterprise). Supports FIPS140/2 encryption and Swarm clustering.


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Mirantis Secure Registry

Private, enterprise-grade container image registry. (formerly Docker Trusted Registry). Built-in Synopsys container scanning. Deploys on Kubernetes (we recommend Mirantis Kubernetes Engine).


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Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

Containerized OpenStack deploys, scales, and updates bare metal private clouds on Kubernetes substrates. Free trial on Equinix Metal.