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Latest Mirantis Container Cloud Simplifies Operations Across On-Premises and Cloud Computing Infrastructure

March 28, 2023

Centralizes monitoring with graphical view, automates updates without disruption

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 28, 2023 – Mirantis, freeing developers to create their most valuable code, today announced the latest version of Mirantis Container Cloud (MCC) that simplifies operations with the ability to monitor applications performance with a new Grafana dashboard and to make updates to Kubernetes clusters with a one-click “upgrade” button from a web interface.

MCC provides a single point of control that spans multiple clouds and infrastructure platforms making it possible to easily manage clusters on OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and leading cloud providers. It takes advantage of open source StackLight to provide monitoring, logging, and alerting that delivers comprehensive visibility over the entire infrastructure.

New features in the latest MCC 2.23 include the following to improve monitoring and managing cloud infrastructure.

  • Applications performance dashboard using Grafana that provides a live graphical view.

  • Log forwarding to third-party systems so that StackLight logs can be shared using Fluentd plugins.

  • High Availability setup for iam-proxy in StackLight ensures that the StackLight identity and access management (IAM) proxy remains available and responsive, even in the event of a failure.

  • Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) configuration to simplify management of data storage.

  • Upgraded Ceph storage support to Pacific 16.2.11 for improved performance and security, plus compatibility with additional hardware.

MCC 2.23 is optimized so that disruptions are minimized with cluster reboots during upgrades and maintenance to ensure that services remain available and downtime is kept to a minimum. 

“The latest version of MCC helps deliver a zero-touch, ZeroOps experience that eliminates a lot of the complexity and headaches that come with managing infrastructure,” said Sergey Goncharov, senior product manager, Mirantis. “Also, it provides flexibility to transition from on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid model that includes cloud platforms.”

See the release notes for more information on MCC 2.23. You can also learn more about Mirantis Container Cloud here.

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