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Mirantis Joins FINOS as Silver Member

May 31, 2022

By Henson Gawliu

Company joins Fintech Open Source Foundation bringing vast experience in open source and financial sector

CAMPBELL, Calif., May 31, 2022Mirantis, making it easy to unleash the power of containers and Kubernetes everywhere, today announced that it has become a silver-level member of FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation and financial sector arm of the Linux Foundation.

The FINOS goal is to move the financial services industry toward collaboration through open source and standards. FINOS members are helping to accelerate open innovation. With a silver level membership, Shaun O’Meara, field CTO of Mirantis, will serve as a representative on the FINOS governing board.

“At Mirantis, we’ve always used open source to drive innovation, which has served us well with our many customers in financial services,” said Andy Wild, chief revenue officer of Mirantis.

“Especially in financial services, we’re seeing ultra-rapid adoption of Kubernetes along with other cloud native technologies that is leading to unprecedented innovation. From experience, we know that collaboration across the industry is the fastest path to innovation and adoption.”

Mirantis technology is used by Société Générale to build its cloud native platform that runs more than 1,000 applications worldwide, with 33,000 containers running on 9,000 cores.

Privately-held Mirantis has more than 600 employees worldwide and is a contributor to Kubernetes, OpenStack, and other open cloud technologies. It is the primary backer of:

  • Lens open source, the most popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Kubernetes, with more than 5 million downloads, over 600,000 users, and 17,500 stars on GitHub, A desktop application, Lens lowers the barrier of entry for those just getting started with Kubernetes and radically improves productivity for people with more experience.

  • k0s, the lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution, that works on any infrastructure – bare-metal, on-premises, edge, IoT, public and private clouds. k0s is based on the upstream Kubernetes.

In addition, the company serves as maintainers of other open source projects: dockershim, libnetwork, SwarmKit.

“We are incredibly proud to welcome Mirantis to the FINOS community, adding to our growing number of cloud service provider constituents,” said Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director of FINOS. “The role of organizations like Mirantis in the open source ecosystem are critical in enabling the streamlined shipment of code on public and private clouds, and the overall ability to support innovative growth across the financial services sector. We are delighted to work together and reach new heights in our continued movement toward industry-wide collaboration.”  


FINOS(The Fintech Open Source Foundation) is a nonprofit whose mission is to foster adoption of open source, open standards and collaborative software development practices in financial services. It is the center for open source developers and the financial services industry to build new technology projects that have a lasting impact on business operations. As a regulatory compliant platform, the foundation enables developers from these competing organizations to collaborate on projects with a strong propensity for mutualization. It has enabled codebase contributions from both the buy- and sell-side firms and counts over 50 major financial institutions, fintechs and technology consultancies as part of its membership. FINOS is also part of the Linux Foundation, the largest shared technology organization in the world. Get involved and join FINOS as a Member.

About Mirantis
Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster on public and private clouds. The company provides a public cloud experience on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge. With Lens and Mirantis Container Cloud, Mirantis empowers a new breed of Kubernetes app developers by removing infrastructure and operations complexity and providing one cohesive cloud experience for complete app and DevOps portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management with continuous updates.

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Adobe, DocuSign, Liberty Mutual, PayPal, Reliance Jio, Splunk, and STC. Learn more at

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About Mirantis

Mirantis helps organizations achieve digital self determination by giving them complete control over their strategic infrastructure. The company combines intelligent automation and cloud-native expertise for managing and operating virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments. Mirantis lets platform teams deliver a public cloud experience on any infrastructure, from the data center to the edge, with one cohesive cloud experience for complete application and operations portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management, all based on open source using open standard APIs.

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Adobe, DocuSign, Inmarsat, PayPal, Societe Generale, and S&P Global. Learn more at