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Mirantis Launches New Docker Enterprise Release, Adds the only production-ready Kubernetes Clusters on Windows Servers and Industry Leading SLAs

May 28, 2020

By Dave Van Everen

Docker Enterprise 3.1 is first major release since November’s Docker Enterprise acquisition

Campbell, CA, May 28, 2020 —Mirantis, the open cloud company, today announced the general availability of Docker Enterprise 3.1, the first major release since the company acquired the Docker Enterprise business in November 2019.

Docker Enterprise customers can now further expand their container and Kubernetes adoption to include their most valuable use cases and applications. Now, administrators of a Docker Enterprise cluster can easily join Windows Server 2019 nodes to a Docker Enterprise cluster and enable end users to use Kubernetes to orchestrate Windows containers.

Docker Enterprise 3.1 also adds greater stability and additional features, with an updated version of Kubernetes and Nvidia GPU integration for AI/Machine Learning, IoT, and Big Data applications. It also allows users to easily enable Istio ingress for a Kubernetes cluster with the click of a button.

At the same time, Mirantis is introducing new support options for all Docker Enterprise customers: LabCare, ProdCare, and OpsCare. Previously, the highest level of support available was 24×7 for Severity 1 cases; with Mirantis ProdCare, customers have 24×7 support for all cases. With Mirantis OpsCare, customers get remote managed operations for their environment with enhanced SLAs, a designated customer success manager, proactive monitoring and alerting, and dedicated resources with ongoing health checks and reviews.

“Seven hundred and fifty customers adopted Docker Enterprise as the fastest way to build and run modern apps at enterprise scale,” said Adrian Ionel, co-founder and CEO of Mirantis. “Docker Enterprise 3.1 doubles down on that promise with the only production-ready Kubernetes for Windows capability and SLAs for mission critical applications.”

The latest capabilities of Docker Enterprise 3.1 include:

  • Certified Kubernetes 1.17

    The upstream Kubernetes included in Docker Enterprise has been incremented to the 1.17 release, bringing greater stability and various features introduced after release 1.14, such as Windows support and scheduler improvements.

  • Kubernetes on Windows

    Kubernetes clusters managed by the Universal Control Plane (UCP) in Docker Enterprise can now include nodes running Windows Server. Additionally, pods can interoperate when running on nodes in a mixed cluster consisting of Windows Server and Linux nodes.

  • GPU Orchestration

    Nvidia GPU integration is now included in Docker Enterprise, with a pre-installed device plugin. Users can view GPU nodes inside Docker UCP, request GPUs through standard YAML pod specifications, and create policies for GPUs around access control and shared resources.

  • Istio Ingress for Kubernetes

    Developers can enable Istio Ingress for a Kubernetes cluster with the click of a button. Istio will be automatically added to the cluster with intelligent defaults to get started quickly. Users can additionally configure proxies, add external IPs, and more – all from a simplified, user-friendly interface. Users can also create and review traffic routing rules, with virtual services supported out of the box.

  • New Mirantis Launchpad CLI Tool for Deployment & Upgrades on any infrastructure (all major public clouds, on-prem operating systems and VMware)

    new Command Line Interface (CLI) tool deploys a cluster in minutes with ready-to-use Docker Engine – Enterprise, Kubernetes, and Universal Control Plane.

“The market leadership of the Docker Enterprise platform combined with Mirantis’ reputation for customer care and technical expertise makes the Docker 3.1 release a compelling fit for our customers in support of their app modernization journey,” said Glen Tindal, Solutions Business unit leader, Capstone IT. “Adding Windows Server support with Kubernetes gives Capstone IT’s customers greater business flexibility and choice based on their use cases.”

Docker Enterprise is the only platform that enables developers to seamlessly build, share and safely run any applications anywhere – from public cloud to hybrid cloud to the edge. One third of Fortune 100 companies use Docker Enterprise as their high-velocity innovation platform.

On June 4th, Mirantis will host a live webinar to walk through the highlights in Docker Enterprise 3.1, and provide a live demonstration of its capabilities. To register for the webinar, sign up here:

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