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Red Hat Alternatives

Flexible and secure Kubernetes—with expert support

A simpler approach for greater security and flexibility

Red Hat’s OpenShift brings together a grab-bag of products and services into a Kubernetes platform. But Kubernetes is complex enough on its own, and OpenShift adds a whole new layer to learn—all while extra components add the potential for gaps in security, and lock you into one OS and limited cloud providers.

Mirantis gives you flexibility with an open source, cloud-agnostic platform built from the ground up to provide the best enterprise Kubernetes experience in the world.

Deploy how you want, where you want

OpenShift locks you into one OS—Red Hat Enterprise Linux—and limited cloud providers. We believe in flexibility, and we’ll help you run our stack anywhere from bare metal servers to public clouds, from distributed data centers to IoT hardware resources. And our solutions run on a variety of standard Linux distributions—all with the reassurance of best-in-class enterprise support or even as a managed service.

World-class security

OpenShift can be a challenge to maintain and upgrade—and especially to validate against security requirements. With Mirantis, you have a security partner trusted not only by federal agencies, but some of the largest names in Finance, Defense, and Aerospace. With FIPS certification and tools designed to support a secure software supply chain, we help secure the most sensitive workloads.

Experts ready to help

Whether you’re wrestling with an existing Red Hat implementation or searching for the right Kubernetes platform, we can help. Whether you need 24x7 enterprise support or a fully-managed Kubernetes platform, Mirantis brings years of experience helping customers stand up infrastructure, accelerate development, and achieve greater flexibility, security, and success.

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Customers That Trust Mirantis

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“With our confidence in Mirantis and OpenStack, Volkswagen Group is committed to going cloud first with all new applications across our 12 brands and two divisions.”


Mario Müller, Corporate Director of IT, Volkswagen Group