illustration of cube with smaller cubes inside Migrate Existing Apps

Migrate your existing workloads by recreating on premises application execution environments in GKE, EKS, AKS, or other public clouds.

illustration of one chain link breaking off from another conjoined chain link Avoid Lock-In

Mitigate cloud lock-in with native Kubernetes integration and flexible cloud driver plug-ins available out of the box in Spinnaker.

illustration of opaque shield with check mark on it overlaying a solid cube Keep Things Secure

Maintain existing security standards by integrating familiar security tools and processes with continuous delivery pipelines to Kubernetes clusters.

illustration of green cube with opaque white motion blur behind it Release Faster

Achieve 10x improvement in the frequency of production deployments through continuous delivery automation and adoption of advanced deployment strategies.

illustration of green arrow pointing to a sphere depicting on a string between two squares Integrate with Existing Build Systems

Developers and operators can use the model-based design in Mirantis Application Platform to easily configure it to their own needs following the infrastructure-as-code approach.

Spinnaker logo Leverage Open Community

Spinnaker is the most popular open source enterprise continuous delivery platform for Kubernetes, battle tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments.

Pipeline Builder

screenshot of Pipeline Builder workflow self-service from deck dashboard

Use a self-service interface to create flexible pipeline workflows, deploy pre-built software artifacts using blue-green, canary or rolling strategies, introduce manual judgements or rollback steps on monitoring triggers.

Kubernetes Integration by Google

screenshot of Kubernetes integration by Google

Spinnaker Kubernetes integration efforts are led by Google itself. Empower your development teams to build certified containers and deploy services to on-prem or GKE, EKS or AKS K8S environments using structured dependency and policy definition language.

GitOps with Pipelines-as-Code

diagram explaining Mirantis Application Platform based on Spinnaker

Applications can’t be reduced to immutable images. Network configuration and governance related policy are just as much a part of an application as the binary artifacts. Mirantis Application Platform based on Spinnaker allows you to associate and manage collections of pre-built immutable application artifacts with structured and versioned configuration artifacts stored in Git.

Pre-populated Pipeline Templates and Gold Images

Screenshot of pre-populated pipeline templates and images

Make it easy for development teams to adopt self-service continuous delivery by pre-populating the portal with a catalog of reusable pipelines and pre-built immutable images.


Mirantis Application Platform Beta Program

Mirantis Application Platform is currently available as a paid beta program for approved participants.

Included in the beta program:

  • Installation, configuration and 99.99% uptime SLA of a dedicated Mirantis Application Platform instance, including Spinnaker, Jenkins, Gerrit and Terraform on a private or public cloud of choice.
  • Integration with customer’s existing Identity Provider (LDAP, AD etc.), CI systems, Compliance Scanners (, Qualys, etc.), ITSM Platform and ChatOps platform (e.g., Slack).
  • Configuration and ongoing support of golden images and continuous delivery pipeline templates for one starter application for a period of one year.