Consistency is the key to delivering, managing, and efficiently utilizing container orchestration environments on diverse infrastructures.

Docker Enterprise makes DevOps portable. The same tooling works everywhere to:

Quickly configure and deploy consistent Docker Kubernetes and/or Swarm clusters on desktops, edge platforms, private datacenters, and public clouds

Flexibly scale Linux, Windows, and/or GPU node capacity, supporting diverse workloads and adapting quickly
to fast-changing demands

Build, share, and run modern applications anywhere, with minimal variation of automation tooling and policies
from dev, to test, to production

Universal Control Plane

UCP gives instant access and visibility into Docker Enterprise clusters, enabling point-and-click operations through a user-friendly GUI.

Quickly review and manipulate ingress, namespaces, tags, orchestration preferences and other policy elements

Launch and manage Docker Kubernetes and Swarm application deployments, view pods, replicasets, and other abstractions

Manage organizations and easily onboard users with role-based access control (RBAC), or integrate with LDAP. Custom authentication bundles let teams become productive quickly with docker, kubectl, Helm, and other standard CLI tools.

UCP can also be managed from the command line using the ‘docker’ CLI. For integrating automation, UCP provides a comprehensive, highly-granular, Swaggerized REST API with individually-authorizable endpoints and built-in documentation.


Docker Trusted Registry

DTR provides a simple GUI for repository and image management, letting you curate and secure trusted images and set policies for use across your whole organization. Map easily to external repositories and scan images automatically on intake. Easy-to-configure webhooks let you quickly integrate with CI/CD pipelines, tooling, workflow management and collaboration applications. Operate via webUI or via CLI or REST. You get speed and agility, without sacrificing security and compliance.


Industry-Leading Container Management

Seamless Operations

Build out industry-standard, best-of-breed Docker Kubernetes and/or Swarm container orchestration capacity on any infrastructure, without lock-in. Manage everything with one set of tools and processes.

Work at Scale

Build planet-scale clusters with up to thousands of physical or virtual machines. Easily provision Linux and Windows nodes in Docker Kubernetes, Swarm, or mixed configurations, on standard compute or GPU-equipped hosts.

See Everything in One Place

Monitor clusters, nodes, and application deployments through the UCP web UI. Manage and quickly onboard organizations, teams, and users.


Kubernetes Made Simple

Docker Enterprise provides certified Kubernetes 1.17, complete with best-of-breed Calico CNI networking and Istio ingress management. Helm and other standard Kubernetes tools “just work,” without setup or integration hassles.


Intrinsic Security and Compliance

Integrated security systems for access control, ingress, policy management, registry curation, logging, FIPS validation and OSCAL automated compliance auditing let you work securely without sacrificing agility and convenience.


Logging and Auditability

Built-in logging provides a complete audit trail of operations actions, easily integrated with tools like Splunk for deep analysis and visualization.


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