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Manage Containers On-demand with Zero Lock-in

MCP brings flexibility and a single platform approach with Kubernetes on bare metal and Containers-as-a-Service (on multi-cloud) all together. Offer container scheduling and orchestration to your developers with Kubernetes in both fully managed private cloud deployments and on-demand clusters running on OpenStack or public clouds, including AWS, Google and Azure. MCP enables cloud-native, container-native and microservice-based workloads on agile Kubernetes container environments.

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Kubernetes for MCP Overview

MCP with Kubernetes

lifecycle management Lifecycle Management

Simplify Kubernetes lifecycle management with Mirantis. Our fully integrated DriveTrain lifecycle management solution simplifies initial deployment and addresses Day 2 post-deployment operations.

Hardened Software Hardened Software

Mirantis performs comprehensive testing on Kubernetes with a variety of tests to harden our distro so that you get a stable, scalable and resilient cloud that you can put into production use with confidence.

Unified Open Cloud Unified Open Cloud

Unlike other providers, Kubernetes from Mirantis ships as part of the Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), a complete private cloud solution that includes OpenStack, Ceph, SDN, DriveTrain (lifecycle management) and StackLight (logging-monitoring-alerting). Kubernetes can be used along with other MCP components to provide your developers with a unified self-service cloud for virtual machines, containers, bare metal, software defined storage and virtual networking.

Infrastructure Included Infrastructure Included

Kubernetes is a container orchestration framework that expects compute, storage and networking to be provisioned already. Unlike other distributions that leave infrastructure provisioning as an “exercise to the reader”, our Kubernetes includes a robust bare metal or virtual machine infrastructure stack for the cluster to run on, saving you substantial headache and operational expense.

Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Kubernetes included with MCP enables an optional service from Mirantis to provision on-demand container clusters locally on OpenStack virtual machines or in Amazon Web Services, Google or Azure public cloud. MCP Containers-as-a-Service offers hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility to meet modern workload computing needs. With MCP CaaS, developers and IT operations gain freedom and control to build and deploy applications with increased agility across development and production workflows. CaaS offers frictionless portability across MCP Kubernetes environments further improving application development and deployment.

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Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp, course and exam by Mirantis KD100

Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp + Exam (KD100)

The Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD100) is the perfect introductory course for Software Developers, Architects, and Deployment engineers seeking to learn how to use Docker for developing, shipping and running applications as well as learning how to use Kubernetes to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Students are also able to take the KCM100 exam on the third day of class to become Kubernetes & Docker Certified.

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Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp, course by Mirantis KD200

Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp II (KD200)

The Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp II (KD200) course guides students in detail through the topics covered by the exam, and helps ensure they are fully prepared to successfully achieve their CKA certification. KD200 is designed for deployment engineers and cloud administrators who want to acquire complete knowledge in using Kubernetes for deploying and managing containerized applications, and when combined with KD100, is the most comprehensive Kubernetes training available on the market today.

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Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp, course by Mirantis KD250

Accelerated Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp (KD250)

The Accelerated Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp (KD250) is a consolidation of our famous Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp I (KD100) and Kubernetes and Docker Bootcamp II (KD200) with added content to prepare the student for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam and still fit into a single week session.

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