Pure Play Open Source – Zero Lock-In

Offer container scheduling and orchestration to your developers with Mirantis Kubernetes, “an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.” (source: kubernetes.io). There are four reasons why you should consider our distro.

Lifecycle Management

Manage initial deployment, post-deployment changes, updates/upgrades and monitoring.

Simplify Kubernetes lifecycle management with Mirantis. Our fully integrated lifecycle management and monitoring solution simplifies initial deployment and addresses day-2 post-deployment operations.

Unified Private Cloud

Use our distro stand-alone or in conjunction with other components of the Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP).

Unlike other providers, Mirantis Kubernetes ships as part of the Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), a complete private cloud solution that includes OpenStack, Ceph and StackLight (logging-monitoring-alerting). Our software can be used along with other MCP components to provide your developers with a unified self-service private cloud for virtual machines, containers, bare metal, software defined storage and virtual networking.

Hardened Software

Open-source projects require extensive testing before they can be used in production, and we harden the software using our extensive open-source expertise.

Mirantis performs comprehensive testing to harden our distro so that you get a stable, scalable and resilient cloud that you can put into production use with confidence.

Infrastructure Included

Kubernetes needs a cluster to run on, and we include the infrastructure software layer: bare metal servers with virtual networking and storage provisioned and ready to go.

Kubernetes is a container orchestration framework that expects compute, storage and networking to be already provisioned. Unlike other distributions that leave infrastructure provisioning as an “exercise to the reader”, we include a robust bare metal or virtual machine infrastructure stack for the cluster to run on, saving you substantial headache and operational expense.

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