What is MCP CaaS?

MCP CaaS enables Kubernetes cluster provisioning on-demand, delivered locally or in public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) with others soon to come. Hybrid clouds are becoming the de facto strategy to better meet cloud computing needs as businesses and IT are looking for the flexibility to run workloads or applications across multiple clouds. As a result, many enterprises are defaulting to Kubernetes and container technology to help modernize DevOps tools and practices across their cloud environments.

With MCP CaaS, developers and IT operations gain freedom and control. Developers increase agility to build and deploy applications in support of the business, while IT operations supports their changing needs, providing self-service access to Kubernetes based container clusters in hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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MCP+CaaS Overview

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Multi-Cloud Offering

By unlocking the flexibility of containers across both on-premises and off-premises environments, MCP provides the ultimate CaaS experience in a single managed open cloud.

Through the MCP CaaS web UI, developers may create, resize and destroy their own Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances, MCP OpenStack instances, or both; with more choice in public cloud offerings coming soon. All these new capabilities provide additional freedom and choice to MCP, which already supports Kubernetes cluster(s) on bare metal nodes for operators.

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How to provision Kubernetes into AWS via MCP DriveTrain

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Webinar on Demand

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