What is MCP CaaS?

Platform-as-a-Service offerings are disaggregating into a variety of atomic container management tools with open source standards forming around each one: Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, etc. Giving your development teams freedom of choice is critical to driving adoption. However, managing a diverse set of open container standards presents challenges with operational visibility, governance and control.





MCP OpenCaaS is designed to tackle that challenge head on by providing a universal, installer agnostic control plane for managing Kubernetes clusters and supported plugins on-demand on any cloud.

Installer-Agnostic K8s Management

Provide your development teams with a self-service interface to create, resize and destroy Kubernetes clusters across various infrastructure targets without shackling them to a particular installer or Kubernetes version.

Composable Service Catalog

Powerful service definition language in MCP OpenCaaS gives developers freedom to build, share and re-use complex services without having to cross organizational boundaries or violate separation of concern. Developers can build and deploy applications using their Kubernetes version, installer and CaaS plug-ins of choice.

Portable Across Clouds

Applications can’t be reduced to immutable images. Network configuration and governance related policy are just as much a part of an application as the binary artifacts. DriveTrain allows you to associate and manage collections of pre-built immutable application artifacts with structured and versioned configuration artifacts stored in Git.

CaaS as the New Platform for Application Development and Operations

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