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Don’t Let Infrastructure Slow You Down

To stay competitive and fend off threats from nimble startups, you need to build and deploy your applications faster. However, you’re likely challenged with long provisioning times and long-term commitments for infrastructure resources. With Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), you can quickly provision VM, container and bare metal compute resources, along with Ceph storage and OpenContrail SDN – all from a single platform.






Pure-Play Open Cloud


100% Open Source

Empower Your Developers

Mirantis is the industry’s leading provider of Managed Open Cloud, giving you flexibility and choice within your infrastructure with zero lock-in. Your developers can access a cloud with open APIs, based on OpenStack, Kubernetes, and other open source technologies along with your preferred infrastructure solutions.

No Hidden Agendas

Mirantis is 100% focused on open source cloud technologies, and we’re committed to making MCP the most widely-used platform for cloud workloads. Our agenda is simple: help our customers use the infrastructure they prefer while enjoying the business benefits of private open cloud . We support an ecosystem of popular technologies so that you’re free to choose the solutions that fit your needs, without being locked into solutions from any single vendor. We’re experts in multiple open source projects and communities, and everything we develop is upstream-first. With our know-how and continuous delivery methodology, you’ll get new features, bug and security fixes with rapid velocity.

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18