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Deploy NFV on Mirantis Cloud Platform

Mirantis Cloud Platform offers best-in-class NFVI, VIM and VNF management functionality

Network Functions Virtualization Requires a Carrier-Grade Cloud

Service providers worldwide are in the process of retooling and deploying Network Functions Virtualization to increase revenue and reduce capital and operational expenses. In fact, 5G will not succeed without NFV and SDN given the tremendous agility and application versatility required. However, NFV places unique carrier-grade requirements on the underlying NFV cloud (NFVI and VIM) that service providers must fulfill in addition to general enterprise cloud requirements. MCP is the best-in-class solution to address these carrier-grade and enterprise cloud requirements.


The Ideal NFV Solution for Telecom Operators

Mirantis enables telecom operators to leverage a disaggregated NFV stack that is tuned for high performance and based on open source standards and non-proprietary infrastructure hardware:


  • Based on upstream OpenStack

  • ETSI NFV compliant

  • OPNFV/Anuket, ONAP, OSM, CNTT members


  • SR-IOV, DPDK, HugePages, NUMA and CPU-pinning

  • Dataplane testing, characterization and optimization

NFV Features

  • OpenStack

  • OpenContrail

  • Tungsten fabric

  • Ceph

  • All optimized for NFV

FCAPS Support

  • Logging

  • Monitoring

  • Alerting

Simplified Management

  • Containerized OpenStack on Kubernetes substrate

  • Managed with Mirantis Container Cloud — seamless, simple cloud experience

Interop Testing

  • Integration with MANO, VNFs and hardware

  • Use case specific testing (vCPE, vEPC etc.)

Aligned with Edge Computing

The Mirantis NFV solution is closely aligned withMCP Edge– a tuned stack that enables edge computing. With the rise of high-bandwidth streaming media, AI/ML analytics, low latency AR/VR and other edge infrastructure use cases, Mirantis provides a flexible, efficient and highly automated stack based on our popular Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP). The key emphasis of MCP Edge is on flexibility enabling users the ability to learn and iterate rapidly.


Automated VNF Validation

Mirantis provides a pipeline on top of a MCP-based VIM to automate the validation and certification of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). VNF package images are loaded, validated and certified via the DriveTrain lifecycle management system, which utilizes Infrastructure as Code to continuously deliver VNF configurations, scripts and binary sources into production after they pass automated test suites designed to ensure system performance and reliability. The automated pipeline enables you to quickly and safely consume the latest VNF versions or implement configuration changes as needed for your network.


Commitment to Open Source

The Mirantis Network Functions Virtualization solution comprises a hardened reference platform compliant with the ETSI-NFV reference architecture built using 100% open source software. Some of the NFV-centric open source projects we participate in are OpenStack, OPNFV, ETSI NFV ISG, OpenDaylight, ONAP, Open Source MANO and Airship.


Use Cases

We are tracking top carrier priorities, and the Mirantis CSP Solution is engineered to address multiple use-cases, emphasizing the most-important carrier targets for enabling service innovation and driving new revenue generation.

Edge Services

vPE, vCPE, vE-CPE, vCDN — deliver high-value, software-defined services on commodity infrastructure at the customer premise and virtual service edge.


vEPC, vIMS, vSBC, WebRTC, Gi-LAN, 5G — dynamically adapt, relocate and chain multimedia and data services to maximize efficiency and provide performance where it’s needed.

Internet of Things

Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Utilities — Scale to receive, process and respond to huge data and transaction volumes from mobile, wearable and dispersed smart devices.