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ZeroOps for Cloud on Prem

Managed Cloud, On-Premises or Anywhere, Delivered as a Service

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4. Accelerating development and delivery

Solving the challenges of building and operationalizing a cloud is just the first step. ROI for digital transformation depends on looking above the “horizon line” of cloud platforms and paradigms, focusing attention on what really matters: software development and delivery.

Many IT organizations strive to do this, but adopt a piecemeal approach here, as well – picking from among proprietary PaaS and PaaS-like offerings that end up expensive, constraining, and indifferently-supported. We believe a more cost-effective and impactful approach combines open source components, productized, along with proactive support, insightful consulting, and targeted services. Applied in different ways, this strategy enables Mirantis to scale managed services effectively, providing guaranteed results at low, and in most cases, predictable prices.

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Application modernization

Mirantis provides comprehensive application modernization services using a mature, best-practices framework, plus AI-based methods for interrogating and mapping app structure and dependencies. Combined, our techniques enable on the order of 6x greater delivery speed than conventional methods – up to hundreds of important applications converted to modern, cloud native, scalable, easier to operate forms in a matter of months.

Kubernetes ops, dev, service visualization, and teaming

Lens, an open source tool sponsored by Mirantis, is the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE. Lens runs on any OS, permitting developers and operators to access and manage multiple clusters, deploy from permissioned Helm repositories, drill down into and iterate over abstractions, components, and containers, live. All this while increasing speed and eliminating the need to memorize and apply complex kubectl commands to extract information, and complex aids like jsontool to parse and manage outputs. Developers can save up to 20% of productive time iterating changes with Lens versus conventional methods.


Lens Pro, a companion service, enables rapid, secure access by teams to Kubernetes environments, and provides numerous quality of life features, including quickstart local dev clusters on local machines such as developer laptops. Developers can provision local Kubernetes clusters (with different profiles) with Lens Desktop Pro for learning and local development. It also enables container image scanning and CVE reporting. Developers can start, stop and configure clusters with a click of a button.

Development automation and CI/CD-as-a-service

Providing continuous integration and delivery tooling as part of a comprehensive end to end developer workflow is fundamental. It speeds delivery of new features (daily, or several-times-daily deployments become possible and even routine) and enables new levels of control and policy management via secure software supply chains. But deciding among a plethora of tools and SaaS services, integrating pipelines, and maintaining and improving CI/CD through inevitable project and technology changes is hard and time-consuming. Doing it on multiple host and/or target platforms, even harder.

Mirantis Professional Services can design, build, and manage custom CI/CD workflows tuned to your requirements, using your preferred components. Gain the expertise of a global bench of CI/CD and software development automation specialists for a predictable price.

Application frameworks for web

Platform-as-a-Service sounds like a great idea, until it traps you in an inflexible, hard-or-impossible-to-customize environment and way of working. Developers sometimes feel there must be an easier way.

We agree. Open-source derived frameworks can accomplish the same goals as PaaS: abstract the environment, provide a range of services enabling access management, ingress management, session and connectivity management, autoscaling, and so on, but without the restrictions, inflexibility, and much of the cost.

For example, – a Mirantis subsidiary – makes Lagoon, a framework for writing, composing, deploying, operating, and automating a range of popular web application design patterns based on popular and performant open source components like Headless Drupal and WordPress, among others..

Mirantis Training

Cloud operations, cloud native application modernization, and Greenfield app creation are complex and critical. Mirantis Training can provide operations and software development teams with skills and certifications needed to enable confident, productive, and rapid work with your new private cloud platform and its technologies. While we can provide focused training options and technology-specific certification preparation and examination services, Mirantis Training courses emerge from a single, modern vision of interdependent cloud roles: job functions that interoperate to make up a functional cloud team. These include roles such as Infrastructure (IaaS) engineer, Security Specialist, DevOps Engineer, Kubernetes Admin, and Kubernetes Developer.


This common vision helps ensure that, once trained, teams have not just mastered new skills, but also understand how their duties fit together, and how their productive outputs are consumed and put to work by peers. For example, DevOps engineers produce automation consumed by operators and developers.

Mirantis Training courses are available via public classes, privately on your premises, and in on-demand formats, online.