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Modernize Your
Applications with
Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Accelerate your journey to cloud-native application development and Kubernetes

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Powering Your Digital Transformation

The new era of digital transformation is being fueled by rapid advancements in key areas—the rise of public clouds, the adoption of microservices and DevOps and the growing influence of open source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Today’s mandate is clear: In order to digitally transform, organizations must adopt modern application development and delivery models that are cloud-first and cloud-ready. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is the industry-leading, standards-based container platform powering this transformation.


Mirantis Kubernetes Engine Use Cases

The Mirantis Kubernetes Engine container platform (formerly Docker Enterprise/UCP) delivers immediate value to your business by reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs of supporting your existing application portfolio while accelerating your time-to-market for new solutions. Common use cases include:

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DevOps and CI/CD

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine makes CI/CD and DevOps possible as applications become immutable objects that can be passed securely along the CI/CD pipeline. Vulnerability scanning and Content Trust ensure uninterrupted provenance of your application content as it progresses from development to production.
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Cloud Migration

Deliver applications to any cloud, anywhere by standardizing your applications so they run on any infrastructure the same way. Docker Enterprise speeds cloud migration through portable packaging and a unified operating model while delivering choice and security.
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Data Science

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine helps data scientists build, share, and reproduce their research, deploying complex isolated environments in seconds. Scientists can rapidly iterate on models while ensuring repeatability of analysis and research with immutable containers.
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Replace large monolithic applications with microservices for improved productivity, speed and scalability. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine lets you standardize and automate the way you build, share and run microservices-based applications across the organization.
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App Modernization

By containerizing legacy applications, organizations can adopt a modern, secure delivery model, more easily extend new functionality, and begin the path to microservices. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is uniquely qualified to work with your organization’s specific requirements to help you modernize at scale.


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Edge Computing

Extend containers safely to the farthest reaches of your network with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. Accelerate container distribution to the edge and improve availability with container registry mirroring and caching architecture.
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OpsCare Plus

Just 2 weeks until clusters are deployed, tuned, and ready to go with 24x7 managed operations.

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Solutions for Every Industry

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine enables organizations of all types to achieve their hybrid/multi-cloud goals by providing the only enterprise container platform for deploying, managing and securing modern applications with globally consistent Kubernetes environments that run on any cloud.

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Build secure and flexible applications that satisfy regulatory requirements

Deploy scalable services, securely and reliably, on a wide variety of platforms to maximize capacity utilization, improve flexibility and minimize costs

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Higher Education

Enhance campus services and collaboration while making the most of your budget

Support a broad range of applications in a decentralized environment: cutting edge research, student-facing services and traditional administrative systems

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Financial Services

Support a broad range of applications with stringent security and compliance requirements.

Deliver new applications to engage customers and associates.

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Bring your customer and agent experiences into the digital age through containerization

Reinvent traditional insurance models to bring services to market more rapidly

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Healthcare / Pharma

Improve patient care with new digital experiences

Increase application delivery to rapidly bring new products and services to market


Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation Increases ROI and Modernizes Agriculture with Docker Enterprise & Microsoft Azure.


Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation Increases ROI and Modernizes Agriculture with Docker Enterprise & Microsoft Azure.