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G2 Grid Report: Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is a Market Leader


This September, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine scored leading marks in G2’s Container Orchestration Grid Report, far outpacing offerings from big public cloud players such as AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Google Cloud’s Kubernetes Engine—not to mention platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift and Rancher. 

The report is based on both validated reviews on G2 and analyst assessments of market share, company size, and social impact. These variables are then used to plot offerings on a grid where the x-axis represents customer satisfaction, and the y-axis represents market presence. Prospective buyers can use the grid to identify market-leading solutions; leading offerings are plotted “up and to the right.”

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine has earned its place among the highest “leader” positions.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

“At Mirantis, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority,” says Willem du Plessis, vice president of customer success and professional services at Mirantis. “We’re happy to see that our commitment to our customers is reflected in our G2 ratings as a leader in container orchestration.”

In order to read the grid, it’s important to understand what problem an offering solves. From there, customer satisfaction validates that the solution works, and market presence helps us to understand how deeply the solution has established itself in the market.

Take AWS Fargate—a serverless solution that often pairs with AWS ECS. Together, these provide a very specific solution: self-service containers deployed on an on-needed basis using Amazon’s ecosystem, with constraints around details like networking layers, and an inherent requirement that your workloads are suitable for multi-tenant environments. Users whose problem matches the solution are very satisfied, and that’s useful for buyers to know.  

By the same token, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine answers the need for a complete, cloud-agnostic platform on which teams can build, run, and scale cloud native applications. Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is designed to deliver flexibility, security, and portability across any cloud, even enabling teams to use Kubernetes and Swarm side-by-side, which can be particularly useful for onboarding teams new to containers and cloud native development. It’s a good fit for organizations that need to be in control of their infrastructure, such as government agencies and businesses in highly regulated industries.

One review from a Senior Software Engineer on G2 had this to say about Mirantis Kubernetes Engine:

“The best and very useful container orchestration platform. Our clients have different nodes on different platforms. Before it was very difficult for us to manage all nodes. Hence we planned to purchase MKE and it has headed in the right direction. Now, I have added all our available nodes in MKE. Easy to add and deploy. Now, I can also see the performance of all nodes in one place, which is very important, before I used to face many issues on this. I've easily deployed MKE in our existing server; it's very flexible.”

The next step in customer satisfaction: ZeroOps

Our ZeroOps vision for cloud native development proceeds directly from our prioritization of customer satisfaction. 

We build our solutions to make our users’ lives simpler—so they can focus on creating business value rather than learning how to work with their infrastructure. In practical terms, ZeroOps is the culmination of the work on our managed services offerings, cloud native expertise, and thoughtful automation, all coming together to deliver a peerless as-a-Service experience.

With market-leading platforms such as Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, best-in-class enterprise support, and forward-looking solutions such as Mirantis Professional Services DevOps as a Service, customers can get thetruly managed service that they need. 

“We have people from Mirantis working with us on a day-to-day basis,” says Florent Carre, Cloud Infrastructure Specialist at venerable French bank Société Générale. “When we are doing major upgrades or working on a complex incident, we can work with Mirantis experts and even their development team.” Today, Société Générale runs more than 1,000 software applications used across industries and around the world, all on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

A global food brand found similar results, observing that software delivery time decreased by two-thirds, from 90-120 days to 30-45 days, with a 50-60% savings in infrastructure costs. “The migration wouldn’t have been as successful without Mirantis coming on board,” says a Senior DevOps Manager. “Getting that expertise and being able to talk directly to the Mirantis solution architect, go through the designs, and start re-engineering things meant the world to us.” 

And the results speak for themselves. The Senior DevOps Manager adds, “Upper management is extremely happy because we’re delivering much faster than ever before. It’s amazing how fast we can deliver something now with a normal two week sprint, and we’re getting a lot more kudos than we used to.”

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